Lacquered Vases

Summer is here and it seems that every time we turn around there is another special event upon us! The Amy Howard at Home team loves dreaming up original ways to express a warm invite to the neighborhood or welcome home to a new bundle of joy. 


With all things beautiful & blooming right at our fingertips, Amy knew there was no better way to share the gift of summer's best than packaged in a custom vase made with love! Being the DIY queen that she is, she headed to the local dollar store to snag a few of those irresistible $1 glass containers that are just begging for a new lease on life.


For this project Amy used:

Amy Howard At Home® High Performance Furniture Lacquer in White Perfection

Amy Howard At Home® High Performance Furniture Lacquer in Begonia

(1) Amy Howard At Home® Adhesive Stencil

 Painter’s tape 

Round pricing labels from local dollar store 

(3) Clear cylinder vases from local dollar store

Degreaser to clean glass

Water to rinse

Lint free rag to dry


Step one:

Thoroughly clean glass with diluted degreaser.


Step two:

Rinse all cleaning product off in sink. 


Step three:

Dry vase with your lint free rag--inside and out. 


Step four:

This is where your creativity has the chance to shine! Place your tape, stickers and adhesive stencil wherever your vision takes you! There is no right or wrong to this step. Just make sure the pattern you choose is executed straight and evenly. 


Step five:

Spray your White Perfection directly onto the exterior of the vases using a linear swiping motion. Keep an 8-10” distance, spraying in small spurts and segments. This will keep any dripping at bay.


Step six:

Amy gave one of the trios a pop of color by spraying the base with Begonia.



Step seven:

Allow at least an hour to dry!


Step eight:

Carefully & slowly remove your adhesive stencils once the lacquer has completely hardened. 



What a lovely housewarming gift this would make. In fact, you might just need to keep one for yourself!

Enjoy the bragging rights!

Hope you are having a happy Monday,

- Amy Howard & Team

Step by Step: Blue and White Chest


It can easily be said that our 100% natural One Step Paint™ is what set the Amy Howard At Home® line on the map. The methanol free formulation is in a league of it’s own. Our chalk-based paint not only allows you to skip the sanding, priming and stripping process; it can be used without sealing as well! With over 60% of all rescued and restored pieces being placed in children’s rooms, it was imperative to Amy that her line offer a completely safe choice for your precious babies.


Planning nursery decor is such a special treat for our team of artisans. The rule for children’s decor is that there are no rules! This is the perfect time to use your imagination and all those bold color combinations you have been itching to try out. With our masculine mid-century dresser in hand we set out to create the perfect welcome home vignette for baby boy.


For this Project we used:


Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ in Lady Singing the Blues

Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ in Bauhaus Buff

Gentle surface cleaner such as Simple Green

Lint free cleaning rags

Painters tape

Amy Howard At Home® Round Hog Hair Brushes

And, as always, ample amounts of creative vision!


Step 1:

We cleaned all surfaces of the chest, including hardware, with a gentle degreaser and a clean rag. After using the degreases we took a wet cloth and wiped the surface down one more time. We then dried everything with a lint free rag.


Professional tip: When using a concentrated formula of cleaner, make sure you adequately dilute it with water first.


Step 2:

We pulled out the drawers and removed any hardware that was easy to unscrew.


Step 3: We then taped off the edges of the interior and exterior.


Step 4:

We filled in any scratches, dings or dents with a quick drying wood filler.


Step 5:

While the wood filler dried, we ran our hands over the dresser to feel for any rough spots that needed sanding. More times than not, the corners have been bumped a great deal over the years and need some tending to. A light buffing with mild grit sandpaper will do the trick.



In order to maintain the integrity of the mid-century appeal and still be playful enough for a child’s room, we dreamed up a fun, yet unique, color contrast. Never be afraid to dream up ways to make each project pop and stand alone.


Step 6:

When the wood filler is dry, it’s time to paint! We used our Lady Singing the Blues on round brush to go over the surface of the body and three drawers with a cross hatch motion. With the One Step Paint’s™ quick and easy coverage, our dry time was a snap.


Professional tip: If you would like to use a paint sprayer, dilute the One Step Paint™ with 15% water.


Step 7:

We repeated step 6 using a clean brush and our Bauhaus Buff on the top two drawers. These two drawers had a varying shape and trim, which made it easy to envision with an accenting color.


Step 8:

We chose to add a pop of contrast to the opposing fixtures and front feet as well. We used our same tape, brushes and cross-hatch motion as before.


We admit, not many are bold enough to paint furniture fixtures, let alone a dipped feet effect--but the Amy Howard at Home team wants to show you just how much individuality and loads of appeal your imagination can bring to a project. Paint any surface, including metal fixtures just as you would the rest of your surfaces. There are no limitations to your creativity!


Step 7:

When all surfaces were completely dry, it was finally time to remove all painters tape and reassemble. We reattached our hardware and put the drawers back in place.

Didn’t this guy turn out handsome!

Enjoy the bragging rights,

Amy Howard and Team.

Lacquered Antique Mason Jars

Step By Step: 



The Amy Howard at Home line of professional artisan products takes no short cuts on quality. Our high performance furniture lacquer is unlike any other other acrylic spray paint you can find on the DIY store shelves. This nitrocellulose lacquer is the same professional grade formula used by luxury furniture lines and can be applied on practically any surface. As you too will soon find, the possibilities for this amazing product are endless!


Amy’s favorite antique stores are often filled with anything from massive hand-carved wardrobes to adorable vintage glassware. We know, the best kind of mason jar is a vintage mason jar. The lids have that beautiful wide edge and a worn-in kind of charm, only an antique could possess. Unfortunately though, the glass body doesn’t always age as kindly. But with a $5 price tag, we knew these jars had to be ours and the Amy Howard at Home lacquer would come to the rescue.


For this project we used:

Can of Amy Howard at Home Furniture Lacquer

We chose: White Perfection

Gentle Surface cleaner (our staple product is Simple Green)

Lint-free cleaning rags


Step 1:

Clean the jars thoroughly, inside and out. Rinse and dry completely with a lint free rag.


Step 2:

Carefully spray your Amy Howard at Home lacquer across the jar’s surface with a gentle swiping motion. Always be very careful not to create drips by lingering in one area too long.


Professional Tip: Our high performance furniture lacquer comes equipped with a professional nozzle as well. While most cans of spray paint disperse product with a straight shot, our nitrocellulose lacquer is applied in a V-shape. This means more coverage and maneuverability for our artisans!


Step 3:

Allow ample drying time, then lightly sand any uneven spots with fine grade steel wool.


Step 4:

Repeat step 2 for you final coat and seal.

Step 5: Allow your jars to dry completely and your transformation is done!

We love how the contrast in color and texture turned out. The dirty matte finish of the lid complements the clean shiny white finish of the glass so nicely. What a fun way to store coffee beans, loose change or create bookshelf accent!

As always, we hope you enjoy the bragging rights.

Amy Howard and Team

Step by Step: Navy Lacquered Dresser

Step by Step: Navy Lacquered Dresser

One of our favorite products in the Amy Howard line is our professional grade furniture lacquers. You can use this product just about anywhere. It is, hands down, the quickest way to transform your project with a durable shine. With so many bold colors to choose from, we knew this mid-century dresser was screaming for a masculine overhaul. 

Step by Step: Black Dresser

Step by Step: Black Dresser

Here at Amy Howard, we believe that every piece of rescued furniture has a story to tell and we are sure to listen. The lines, materials, composition and year it was crafted must be taken into consideration when dreaming up the new look and purpose. If you stay in tune with the integrity of the item and allow it to inspire you, the restoration process can’t go wrong. 

Amy Howard at Home Color Inspiration

Amy Howard at Home Color Inspiration

The first and most crucial step in any beautifully decorated room is always laying out a clear foundation for the décor and color palette. Most, if not all, of the welcoming and timeless spaces we love were built & executed on the solid foundation of color planning. Inspiration for your décor can be found just about anywhere you are looking for it. Your love for the colors, textures and story of a single item can be enough to set the mood for an entire room.

The all new Amy Howard

The all new Amy Howard

When Gene and I set out on this big adventure we decided that no matter what came our way, we would give it our very best. Every new day here at Amy Howard Home has brought unforeseen blessing and countless opportunities to grow. We truly believe that when you set your minds on pursuing the things you love most with excellence & gratitude, every possibility is in your reach.

Step by Step: Antique Urn Tutorial

Step by Step: Antique Urn Tutorial

Throughout history Iron Urns have been used as beautiful planters, lawn accents and fountains in the most upscale of outdoor design. While treasure hunting in one of her favorite Memphis shops, Amy found this beautiful French inspired antique urn. Though it carried years of wear, the unique shape and detailed design showed much promise. Knowing how important it is to coat any outdoor metal with a fresh coat of paint to prevent any further rusting, Amy Howard showed us how to not only protect this piece, but showcase its beautiful historic integrity.


The Lantern

The Lantern

While on a trip to her beloved Italy, Amy happened upon this intricately designed antique lantern being sold in a street market. Beautiful in silhouette, the historic details of this piece also tell a great story. Dating all the way back to the early 19th century, this lantern was not only created to function as a source of light, it was someone’s work of art.

Antiquing Your One Step Paint

Antiquing Your One Step Paint

For this tutorial, you will need a piece of furniture or trim to work on, a T-shirt rag, Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint, Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax, Amy Howard at Home Dark Antique Wax, Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages, and an Amy Howard at Home 2" paint brush.

One Step Paint Color Mix

One Step Paint Color Mix

The One Step Paint® is a great product to mix! Although there are many color options, I love to make my own versions though color mixing. For this mix, I used two parts of Rugo with 3 parts of Palm Beach and 2 parts Get in Gear. I was looking for a beautiful green between a shade of mint and emerald!

Creative Storefront: Fig & Company

Creative Storefront: Fig & Company

Welcome to a new week! It excites me to share creative ways that our retailers decorate their windows. Today, I am highlighting Fig & Company located in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was able see owners, Lee and Flavia, while we were in Atlanta for market and I am grateful to have such inspiring and wonderful retailers. The two owners have such great taste and below are a few images of their beautiful store windows.

Using Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint Over One Step Paint

Using Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint Over One Step Paint

For this tutorial, you will need a piece of furniture or trim to work on, a T-shirt rag, Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint, Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint, Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax, Amy Howard at Home Dark Antique Wax, Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages, and an Amy Howard at Home 2" paint brush.


Sample using the new Stencil Embossing Creme

Sample using the new Stencil Embossing Creme

Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you one of our new products, Stencil Embossing Creme. For today, I experimented on a sample to show you what kind of project you can take on! I enjoyed creating samples for furniture ideas with our new furniture stencils and embossing creme. It gives it a beautiful raised and look of hand carving! 

AHaH Before and After Projects

AHaH Before and After Projects

Happy Friday! I am very excited for this New Year with many new and exciting projects, events, etc. coming up! One of my favorite times is sharing new Before and After projects! I hope you are inspired by the beautiful transformations that our customers are creating.