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You asked, we listened. This week at the Amy Howard At Home headquarters, we busied ourselves, creating a steady stream of helpful YouTube videos! These are the quintessential tutorials, that you, dear DIY-er, have requested. Below, you'll find a quick recap of our most recent videos, and at the bottom, maybe some sneak peaks of what's to come!


Painting with Different Tools (Pt 1)

"What kind of brush should I use for my project?" Amy Howard walks you through the basics of the perfect paintbrushes for the chalk-based One Step Paint.



Light Antique Wax™ and Dark Antique Wax™

"What does the wax do?" Throw away the sandpaper. Using that stuff just looks like you trapped a tiger in your foyer. Amy uses Light Antique Wax™ and Dark Antique Wax™ to create the ONLY antique finish for your furniture!



Liming Wax

“What is the Liming Wax, and how do I use it?” Amy Howard of Amy Howard At Home® shows you how to use her Liming Wax to create a luxurious, cerused—or “limed” finish. Most people use this on their kitchen cabinets, and you can see why!




Lacquer is one of the greatest way to make-over a ho-hum or weathered piece. This high-performance furniture paint is, without question, the most enviable revamp product on the market. We want you to be successful in your lacquer application, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. So let Amy help you, so that you won’t have a headache from your furrowed brow OR the paint fumes. Amy sprays lacquer the right way to get that thick, high-gloss, magic look.


Dust of Ages

What does the Dust do? Why you check it out? Because it pours on the age and elegance, some have called this a “magic powder”—(not kidding! See our Instagram!) that infuse depth, detail, and dance to your piece. If you want age AND elegance, Amy will show you how to get it in this video!


shhhhh! Upcoming videos:

-What if you just want to paint with a roller? You have a 20-pack of sponge brushes? The paint applicator video was so good, we just had to make a sequel! We are cooking up a PART TWO to where Amy shows you the effects of painting with different applicators, and how you don’t have to go wrong.

-Mixing Toscana Milk-Paint, (how-to and color fun!)

-Fabric painting

-Clear Wax

-Cracked Gesso

-Mica Powders + Waxes

And much more!


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Gilded Velvet Pillow Tutorial

gilded velvet pillow

Remember how shocked you were when you heard that our One Step Paint could be brushed on fabrics? If that isn't wild enough, wait until you see what we tried next! We took a velvet pillowcase and applied our Gold Leaf Sheets, popping rich textures and colors you just have to touch to believe. Combine the green and gold for an indulgent look that you can accomplish in minutes. In this blog post, you’ll see how you can quickly create an luxurious, unforgettable gift, leaving your loved ones wide-eyed!



Velvet, Forest-Green Pillowcase

Mylar Wall Stencil in Honeybun

China Bristle Brush

1 Book of Amy Howard At Home® Gold Leaf Sheets

Amy Howard At Home® Gilding Size

Plastic Misting Bottle

velvet pillow gilding supplies

1. Lay pillowcase fabric flat on work surface. Make sure pillow is removed.

2. Center stencil on pillowcase. 

Centered stencil on pillowcase

3. Put Gilding Size into plastic mister bottle. Because pillowcase will not be 100% flat, you need to use hands to hold stencil in place.

4. Begin with one corner of pillowcase and saturate stencil and pillowcase with sprayed misted Gilding Size. Try to move slowly when picking up hand placed on stencil in order to keep it from moving. 

Spray gilding size 2
Spraying gilding size

5. Continue to mist pillow’s entire surface with Gilding Size.

6. Once pillowcase is completely saturated with Gilding Size, you may remove stencil. Some areas will be more saturated than others, this is ok. 

7. Allow for Gilding Size to dry 15-20 min. This is somewhat faster than normal. When Gilding Size is applied on fabric, it settles into it and dries faster.

8. If the Gilding Size’s white color starts to fade, it dried too much. Touch the applied Gilding Size to confirm it is still tacky. Once the Gilding Size starts to fade, it is settling into the fabric and could become too dry.

9. Lay Gold Leaf. *Begin in one corner and work in a linear motion (i.e. top to bottom, left to right.), making sure to overlap 1/2 in. - 1 in. for each full sheet. Do not try to match lines.

laying gold leaf
gold leaf on pillow

10. Once laid, put orange paper sheet in-between hand and Gold Leaf to burnish well.


11. Once entire surface is covered with Gold Leaf, take 2 sheets of orange tissue paper and burnish one more time to assure adherence that Gold Leaf as adhered to Gilding Size.

12. Take clean, dry China Bristle Brush and wipe off any extra Gold Leaf. Because this is fabric, apply more pressure to fabric than normal, but not too much that it pulls off Gold Leaf.

brushing off gilding
brushing off gilding 2

13. If there are areas where not sticking, the Gilding Size dried to much or seeped in fabric so much that it lost stickiness. This is ok as it will add to the natural distress. 

gilded pillow close up

Pair the pillow with a chair or sofa in contrasting colors and textures, and it will warm and shine up any living space. Any questions? Ideas for other pillowcase colors? Reply below and tell us how you Craft a Beautiful Life™!

gilded pillow finished

Antiqued Mirror Wall Tutorial



*Finished Product

*Finished Product

Mirrored spaces are the designer's secret way to make smaller areas seem larger. We’ve all seen my Antique Mirror Stripper and Solution at-work on individual pieces, eating off the luster and leaving a new mirror seemingly worn by age and memory. My husband Gene assembled a whole wall of antiqued mirrors for our den, and wow, what an effect! Instead of a classic mantle on display, we now have this fabulous backdrop. Our method of antiquing mirrors is a cakewalk, and once you get it, its uses are as limited as our imagination!  In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through the steps of creating your own mirror wall, beginning with the simple steps of mirror antiquing.




Products Needed:

Real silver mirror (Made in USA is a must! Many overseas mirrors are not real silver, ergo, the process will not work!) 

Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Stripper™  

Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Solution™ 

Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ in Black  

Palmer Mirror Mastic

Clear Silicon Adhesive


Antique Mirror Products Needed



Supplies Needed: 

Sponge/Rollers Brushes (1 per every 2 mirror tile. 1 for painting)

Multiple Lint-Free T-Shirt Rags 


Simple Green™ Degreasing Cleaner 

Water Tubs 

Brown Kraft Paper  

Stripping Gloves

Safety Goggles 

1/16” Tile Spacers 

Long Straight Edge

Caulk Gun





Find a well-ventilated area for working. Also, you will need a water source for rinsing mirror during antiquing process. Work area should be protected by plastic tarp, or some area which will not be damaged by Mirror Stripper. Temperature must be between 70-80°F for optimal processing conditions.


1. Mirror tiles can be pre-cut to size, or cut on-site to fit area to be mirrored. If tiles are pre-cut to fit, antique them after they are cut. 


2. Measure wall where mirror is to be installed. Decide what size you want the tiles to be, then cut them according to size of wall. Keep in mind, you will need 1/16" gap between each row of mirrors (this is where the spacers will be used).     


3. Take each mirror piece and place face down on a non-abrasive surface.


*Backside of mirror tile

*Backside of mirror tile

4. Put on safety goggles and appropriate gloves to protect body from the Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Stripper™.


5. Shake the Mirror Stripper very well and apply a nice, even coat of the product to the paint on back of mirror. Using sponge brush or paint roller, promptly roll out stripper until coverage is even.

Antique Mirror Stripper shake
Antique Mirror Stripper pour
Antique Mirror Stripper spread

6. As chemical reaction is achieved, backing paint will begin to bubble up and it will be ready to remove when all the backing paint has bubbled up. *This can take up to 10 minutes.

Antique Mirror Stripper bubble up


7. If certain areas are not bubbling, apply more Mirror Stripper to those areas, and agitate with foam brush. *The stripper will eat through the foam of the brush, so you will need to work quickly.


8. Take a piece of kraft paper, slightly larger than mirror, and lay it on the bubbled mirror backing paint and lightly smooth it out - holding with one hand while smoothing with the other.

Antique Mirror Stripper paper
Antique Mirror Stripper paper 2

9. Slowly lift the kraft paper away from you. The backing paint will affix itself to the kraft paper and lift up with it. *The mirror’s actual silver is now exposed. Be very careful not to scratch the silver during the following processes.

Antique Mirror Stripper paper lift
Antique Mirror gold

10. Once the backing paint is removed, apply a light second coat of Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Stripper™ to remove the copper color and texture left behind after removing the kraft paper. *Work quickly, but take care to not scratch silver while using foam brush. Brush WILL scratch mirror.

Antique Mirror Stripper application 2
Antique Mirror Stripper spread 2

11. Spray mirror with Simple Green™ degreaser prior to rinsing in water tub. This aids in the removal of the excess Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Stripper™.

Antique Mirror Stripper simple green spray


12. Use water to rinse the stripper from mirror. Use T-Shirt rag to help remove any remaining Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Stripper™. Do not use paper towels, as they can be too rough. *You can use a plastic container filled with water, or even rinse with a water hose if in an area where water can run off and stripper will not run into ground water (as on a concrete area where product would be evaporated).

Antique Mirror Stripper wash off
Antique Mirror Stripper wash off 2

13. Shake Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Solution™ very well, and pour into a small plastic container or styrofoam bowl. *Working atop white paper will help you see this better.

Antique Mirror Solution


14. Moderately saturate T-shirt rag with the Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Solution™.

Antique Mirror Solution moderately saturate rag


15. Apply over entire piece by patting and pouncing the rag in a randomized, organic pattern. *Do not use an organized, specific pattern.

Antique Mirror Solution application


16. Once you have covered all of the silver with the rag, apply solution from bottle in small “S” patterns and small circles.

Antique Mirror Solution "s" pattern


17. After a few minutes, the mirror’s silver will begin to change color. Lift up your mirror to look at the other side to see how the process is progressing. 


18. Continue to apply more Mirror Solution to promote the antiquing process. Eventually solution will begin to wear away silver and expose glass. Continue checking the front of the mirror to see desired effect. This process can take up to 30 minutes, but is dependent on environmental temperature (the warmer the work area, the faster the process). *For a darker antique mirror, continue application of solution.


19. When mirror has reached desired effect, rinse off the Amy Howard At Home® Antique Mirror Solution™ with water and allow to dry.

*Remember to check the front of your mirror reflecting on white paper to see how much the mirror has distressed!

*Remember to check the front of your mirror reflecting on white paper to see how much the mirror has distressed!

Antique Mirror black paint 1

20. Using a paint roller, apply three, thin coats of black Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ onto the silver side. This will seal the mirrors.

Antique Mirror black paint 2
*Antique Mirror finished effect

*Antique Mirror finished effect

21. For next steps, you will need the Palmer mirror mastic, clear silicon adhesive (bother of these in tubes to be applied with caulk gun), 1/16” tile spacers, and a long straight edge. 


22. Check wall where mirror is to be applied with straight edge, looking for any areas that would be convex. This would prevent mirror from laying flat. If area is convex, it will need to be flattened. 


23. Using a caulk gun, apply nickel-to-quarter-sized drops of mirror mastic every 6". Because mastic is slow-drying, apply pea-sized drops of silicon adhesive between drops of mirror mastic. This will help hold mirror to wall while mastic is drying. 


24. Affix mirrors to wall, starting with bottom row of mirrors first. *Push mirrors against wall for strong adhesion. If possible, keep a very slight space (not touching) between each piece. This helps prevent chipping or cracking due to movement of mirrors over time.


25. Apply second row of mirrors on top of first row using 1/16" spacers between rows. 


26. Continue this process until wall is complete. 


27. Allow mastic to dry 2 days. 


28. After drying, cut spacers flush with mirror, leaving piece of spacer in gap. Use silicon adhesive to caulk gap left between each row of mirrors. 


29. Clean any excess silicon per directions on tube.


30. Now you get to Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!

Antique Mirror Wall close-up



No one else in your neighborhood will have anything like this! Your friends will swoon!

Antique Mirror Wall close-up 2

Zinc Table Top

Zinc Table Top

Everywhere this Antiqued Zinc Top Table goes it receive stares, admiration and wonder. Everyone who has ever sat down to work at this table asks how we made it, what products we used and where they can get the materials?
Well the tutorial full of all our zinc-loving secrets is finally here! 

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Amy Howard & Team

Holiday Pumpkin Trio

Holiday Pumpkin Trio

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I LOVE holiday decor! When I feel the air getting cooler and smell that familiar smoky scent warming some lucky soul down the street, I know it’s time to start setting out my favorite festive accents!

As I’m sure you know, one of the best things about being an avid DIY lover is that every new holiday allows your creative skills to shine in a never before seen light!

Today I am walking you through my take on how to modernize the traditional pumpkin display. This little trio is perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving alike!

Cabinet with lettering accent

Cabinet with lettering accent

Every once in a  while we see that one of our project pieces need a little more personality and  it's time for us to dive into the treasure trouve of amazingly versatile finishing products the Amy Howard at Home line carries. For this project, we dreamed of a little French bistro insprired whimsy! Follow along as we use the Amy Howard at Home® Toscana Milk Paint Binder™ in a way you never imagined possible!

Flea Find Flip Sweepstakes

Flea Find Flip Sweepstakes

To kick off the fall season in style, we sent out a challenge to our Amy Howard at Home® retail boutique owners and their treasure clients: rescue a piece of furniture for as inexpensively as possible, gather your most imaginative ideas, restore that piece using at least 3 Amy Howard at Home® products and then turn around and sell it for as much as you can! We lovingly named this sweepstakes “Flea, Find, Flip” in honor of our favorite way to use the Amy Howard at Home® products!

Modern Lacquered Lamp

Modern Lacquered Lamp

We picked up an adorable globe lamp just last week using our favorite "porch pick-up" site. The original yellow colored glass seemed dated to me, but the globe shape just screamed modern. Follow along as I show you just how easy it was to transform this lamp from boring to perfection! 

Antiqued tabletop pillar

Antiqued tabletop pillar

Making it possible for you, our treasured clients, to produce professional grade products for pennies on the dollar, is the very reason the Amy Howard at Home® lifestyle line exists. Having spent over half of my life as a professional refinisher, I truly believe it only takes one DIY project using my products to make you feel like a pro! Follow along as I display how easy it can be to refinish any raw wood surface to appear as though it were a historical masterpiece.

Painted Fabric: Fortuny Style

Painted Fabric: Fortuny Style

The luxury and beauty that has been synonymous with Fortuny fabrics since 1906, has been a constant source of reference in my efforts as a furniture, lifestyle and interior decor designer. To touch the supple fibers of a Fortuny fabric, is to feel the tangible evidence of constantly refined elegance. When I realized how very few of us will ever have the privilege of actually owning a piece of furniture upholstered in Fortuny fabric, I couldn’t think of a better project to formulate than a Fortuny look-­a­-like! 

Limed Wood Grain

Limed Wood Grain

I am often asked how to easily and affordably create a painted finish with all of the depth, graininess and color contrast of real wood. Though many other tutorials might claim they will help you create that authentic appeal,  I have created a finish that will give you the graininess you desire while keeping the depth of color you wish to expose.

DIY Heaven: Decorative Glass

DIY Heaven: Decorative Glass

I have recently discovered that I can easily & most importantly--inexpensively recreate those glorious gilded tiles everyone is drooling over! This original technique has quickly become one of my favorite creations!


Cheap Thrills: Lacquered Mirror

Cheap Thrills: Lacquered Mirror

When I saw the beautifully intricate shape this vintage mirror had, I immediately envisioned it being placed in our new guest bathroom. When I saw that it was ONLY $30, I scooped it right up. Of course there were a few measures I needed to take before it was ready!

An Amy Howard at Home Collage

An Amy Howard at Home Collage

Crafting a beautiful life is about so much more than decor, furniture or a beautiful space. Although there is much joy in executing a beautiful design, the true beauty lies in the way it lives. Crafting a beautiful life means that as you live, as you experience what you are creating--everyday, it brings you the joy, peace and satisfaction only something collected from your two hands can bring. 

Gilded Vintage Books

Gilded Vintage Books

Creating a beautiful space means that every aspect of your home, down to last little nook is tended to. Small corner vignettes and table top surfaces, when decorated rightly, can make all the difference in a room’s appeal. Even the smallest of items can act as the link that brings all of the colors and textures together.

Haven Bloggers Conference

Haven Bloggers Conference

This past weekend the Amy Howard team of creatives trekked to the bustling city of Atlanta, GA as an honored sponsor of Haven Bloggers Conference. Friday and Saturday held the exclusive attention of the brightest voices in the creative blogger community. Men and women from all over the United States and Canada gathered to glean from the finest of what the DIY movement has to offer, to bolster each other up, to learn from one another and to understand in greater clarity why we do what we do.

Pink Lacquered Lamp

Pink Lacquered Lamp

As you all know, scouring online resale sites has quickly become one of our favorite ways to hunt for buried treasure. The idea of shopping from home & picking up your purchase from a front porch (never having to see anyone, mind you) is almost too easy. Amy snagged this adorable lamp for under $15. The previous color could work elsewhere, but Amy wanted to add a pop of feminine color to adorn our otherwise masculine blue and white dresser. With her miracle lacquer in tow, she got to work!