Portofino - One Step Paint 32oz

*This unique color is part of the Seasonal Color Showcase and will only be available for purchase from August to October.

 One Step Paint transforms furniture and cabinetry in one easy step. No more stripping, sanding, or priming to get an authentic vintage look.


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"One Step Paint is a game changer for DIY restoration"

One Step Paint transforms furniture and fixtures with the stroke of a brush. You can apply this rich and highly pigmented paint to almost any surface and achieve that beautiful, chalky finish found in the Paris Flea Market or your favorite boutique shops.

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint on a refinished cabinet.

One Step Paint works anywhere!

Imagine your favorite pieces or thrift store finds rescued and restored to a beautifully aged finish. In the past, you had to search for years or spend thousands to find a piece with the perfect antique look. With One Step Paint you can achieve the same rich, chalky finish you love without sanding, priming, or stripping. This water-based paint works on virtually any surface, including wood, glass, resin, melamine, Formica, concrete, iron, stone, and even outdoor furniture and decor. Water-based and free of VOCs and other toxins, this paint is even safe for baby furniture and children's rooms.

One 32oz quart of One Step Paint covers approximately 135-140 square feet. One 16oz pint covers approximately 65 square feet. One 4oz sample covers approximately 16 square feet. Coverage is the equivalent of refreshing your bathroom vanity, painting your kitchen cabinets, or enjoying a "new" coffee table instead of throwing your old one away.
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Amy's Tip: Pair with Cracked Patina or one of our beautiful natural waxes to add even more depth to the look!

Not sure what color you want? Want to get started on a smaller piece? Try a sample of One Step Paint!