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Achieve the perfect high-gloss paint finish on your furniture, cabinetry, walls, doors, & more!

<strong>MODERN CANDLE KITS</strong>


Elevate your decor by creating stunning, modern candle containers that add a touch of elegance to any space.

<strong>ONE-STEP PAINT</strong>


Easy application to any surface. No stripping, sanding, or priming.

How to Craft Fluted Container and Modern Vase Candles

Looking to elevate your home decor with classic, elegant pieces that look expensive but are easy to create? Our new kits provide step-by-step instructions to craft stunning candles and versatile containers that can double as chic storage for jewelry, makeup brushes, decorative pieces...

Have You Tried Silk Screen Stencils?

Transform any surface with our versatile silk screen stencils! Crafted for artisans, these reusable stencils empower you to adorn clothing, decor, walls, and beyond with one-of-a-kind designs. Elevate your DIY projects with ease and endless possibilities!

Need Help Picking Your Paint?

One Step Paint: Flat & Chalky

Effortlessly Transform Furniture: Revamp your space effortlessly with Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint. Say goodbye to tedious prep work - no stripping, no sanding, and no priming needed to refinish your furniture with a velvety and creamy chalk-based paint that coats your furniture beautifully.

Versatile Chalk-Based Formula: Unlock your creativity with our chalk-based paint, perfect for furniture, cabinetry, and more. Whether it's a vintage dresser or modern kitchen cabinets, achieve stunning results every time. Our chalk-based formula provides the perfect base coat for countless creative finishes.

LuxeLacquer: High Gloss

Unlock Designer Elegance: Elevate your space with Amy Howard at Home LuxeLacquer paint, delivering a stunning, ultra-high gloss finish that rivals expensive designer aesthetics. Transform any surface from ordinary to extraordinary with this luxurious lacquer finish.

Mirror-Like Gloss: Experience the brilliance of a near mirror-like finish with LuxeLacquer. Our advanced formula creates an unbelievably glossy shine that adds depth and sophistication to furniture, cabinetry, front doors, and more. Instantly enhance the visual appeal and sophistication of any room!

Miracle Paint: Buttery Smooth

Transform Any Surface: Achieve stunning results both indoors and outdoors with Amy Howard at Home Miracle Paint. From furniture and cabinetry to front doors and beyond, this versatile paint revitalizes any surface with ease.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Experience the power of durable paint that stands the test of time. Our advanced formula delivers a tough, chip-resistant finish that withstands everyday wear and tear, keeping your surfaces looking fresh for years to come.

Milk Paint: Ultra Matte

Authentic Vintage Charm: Achieve the timeless appeal of vintage French flea market finds with Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint. Our casein-based formula creates an ultra-matte finish that beautifully mimics the look of an aged patina, adding character and charm to any piece of furniture or cabinetry.

Versatile Aged Effects: Unleash your creativity and customize your finish with Toscana Milk Paint. Easily create authentic cracks and weathering, transforming ordinary surfaces into one-of-a-kind masterpieces that evoke the allure of antique treasures.

Learn New Finishes & Techniques

Learn New Finishes & Techniques

From weekly blog posts to engaging videos to comprehensive courses, we've got all the tools you need to unlock the secrets of unbelievably beautiful and authentic finishes. Start the journey toward unleashing your creativity and transforming your spaces!

Milk Paint 101 Workshop

Take your finishes to the next level by learning how to use Milk Paint alongside Amy Howard. Whether you want to learn how to flip Facebook Marketplace finds or just spruce up a few of your own pieces, the Milk Paint Workshop is for you!

Old World Finishing Course

If you're tired of the generic painted finishes that everyone else is doing and want to learn how to create stunning finishes using old world techniques, then this course is for you! Amy provides all the tips and tricks to create luxurious old world finishes!

Friday's Live Videos With Amy

Join Amy live on Facebook every Friday at noon CST as she walks through a variety of projects – from home decor, to cooking, to finishes, to entertaining, and more – to help you Craft A Beautiful Life!

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