Furniture Tonic

The all-natural way to bring wood back to life!

After time, wooden furniture begins to look parched and dry. Furniture Tonic revives the natural warmth and beauty of wood in one quick and easy application. It also serves as a water-resistant protective layer for raw wood and milk-painted or stained finishes.


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“Furniture Tonic is basically ‘furniture food!’”

Wooden furniture is so hardy and stands the test of time so well that its needs are often overlooked. Or perhaps you regularly use leading furniture sprays and other products on your furniture, thinking these will preserve their beauty. Unfortunately, these products are actually as damaging as neglecting your furniture. We created Furniture Tonic as an all-natural solution to reviving parched, dry wood surfaces without harmful VOCs. Watch as the hemp oil and other ingredients wood loves, bring your pieces back to life in seconds!

Amy Howard at Home Furniture Tonic

Use Furniture Tonic to protect your finishes!

You worked hard to achieve the perfect distressed vintage look or antique chalky finish. Furniture Tonic nourishes and protects your pieces from daily wear and tear so that they remain as beautiful and unique as the day you restored them.

Amy’s Tip: Want to preserve the memories held within heirloom furniture rather than paint over them? Furniture Tonic provides you with the flexibility to rediscover and enjoy the natural beauty of your wooden pieces without any painting or staining.

While Furniture Tonic will not fill in nicks, scrapes, or other blemishes on your wooden pieces, it will help you bring out the beauty of any wood surface.