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A Venetian Finish With Our New Stencil

A Venetian Finish With Our New Stencil

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Create a true Venetian finish with me! We're going to be using a NEW stencil that you will love. Watch and learn how you can color Venetian Plaster and use this finish on door halos, furniture, and so much more.

Step 1: Prepare Your Surface

Start this finish on raw wood or if it's on an existing piece, clean it with Clean Slate and paint with a coat of Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint.

Step 2: Mix Your Plaster & Milk Paint

Mix three parts Venetian Plaster and mix one part Riviera Blue Milk Paint. It's best to mix these when they are in their dry form. Add a little bit of water to your mixture, you are looking for a sour cream consistency. 

Step 3: Apply Your Mixture

Apply the mixture to your piece with a trough. Apply this in sections and let it dry naturally. 

Step 4: Mix & Apply Your Next Layer

Mix Amalfi Coast and Riviera Blue, I added a tinge of Noir Milk Paint too!

Take a sea sponge and using the most open part of the sponge, agitate your paint. Work in organic patterns and pounce the paint on. You will want to keep cleaning your sponge as you continue on your various sections. Once you are happy with the gradation, let it dry or hit it with a hairdryer. 

Step 5: Distress

After your piece has dried, you want to burnish and distress your piece with your trough. 

 Step 6: Stencil Time!

Use our new Classic Borders Mesh Stencil and pick your favorite design. Cut out whichever part you want to use. Use whichever ChalkArt color you like and spread it through the Mesh Stencil. You could also gild this or use whatever color you like.


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