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Custom Finishes with One Step Paint & Waxes

Custom Finishes with One Step Paint & Waxes

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

With One Step Paint you can virtually refinish any piece of furniture or decor with ease. Join Linda from ReMade With Love this morning as she shows you how to combine One Step Paint and waxes to create the perfect custom finish for you. The amount of beauty you can create is endless!

Products Used: 

Additional Products Used: 

  • Sand Paper
  • Thrifted Wooden Box
  • Lint free rag
  • Mixing cup
  • 4 oz Steel Wool

    Step One
    Lightly sand imperfections or sharp edges on your thrifted box. Then, take your rag, saturate it in Clean Slate and clean your box throughly. 
    Step Two
    Take Vintage Affliction One Step Paint, shake it and pour it into a mixing cup. Next, grab Summer Regatta One Step Paint, shake, and pour into the same mixing cup. Mix both colors together, then take your Chip Brush dip it into the One Step Paint mix and begin painting your box. Once you have completely painted your box, paint a second coat. You can do just one coat on the inside of the box since you won't be seeing much of it. Once you are finished painting wait for the box to dry. 
    Step Three
    Once the paint is fully dry, take But First, Flowers Mesh Stencil and lay it's backing over one side of the box and fold the remaining parts of the mesh stencil over the other sides of the box. Rub the stencil firmly into the wood to make sure it is adhered very well. Use the Angled Squeegee with Aviary One Step Paint to spread the paint over the Stencil, making sure to cover all areas. 
    Once done, slowly peel the stencil away from the cutting board (if you see any unpainted areas as you're removing the stencil, just lay it back down and add more paint over that area). Once fully removed, immediately wash with warm water and mild soap or put into a bath of water to soak. Once all of the paint is washed off of the stencil, lay it adhesive side up to air dry. You may take some sanding paper and go over areas that have heavier paint to give it a more worn look. Next, take a chip brush to remove the sanding dust. 
    Step Four
    Take Light Wax and apply to your Chip Brush in circular motion then off load on a piece of cardboard so there aren't any clumps. Apply a thin even coat to strategic areas of the box where after some time a piece of furniture would look worn (Examples: Edges or corners). Allow Light Wax to come to tack then add the Dark Wax. Follow the same steps as the Light Wax for applying the Dark Wax. Once the Dark Wax has come to tack, take the Dust Of Ages container and sprinkle some of it over the Dark Wax with a Chip Brush. Wait for it to dry with the Dark Wax. Lastly, take a 4oz steel wool and buff the box.
    We love how this beautiful children's toy box came out! We especially love how versatile this box is, it can even be used as a pot for your plant, the opportunities are endless!
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