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, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

This Cracked Patina Vase is so chic and would be the perfect addition to your home. You'll be able to enjoy fresh flowers and plants in this beautiful vase while enjoying the bragging rights! 



1. Begin by cleaning the vase using a lint free cloth and Clean Slate.

2. Then use your Nylon Brush to apply one coat of Toscana Sage One Step Paint.

3. Once dry, use a Chip Brush to apply a thin layer of Cracked Patina, making sure the entire surface is covered but that it is not too thick anywhere. 

4. Let that dry and then use another Chip Brush to apply a layer of Parisian Gray.  Be sure to go over the surface only once or twice and no more.  You want to avoid holidays yet not go over an area too much or leave it too thick. If working with a larger vase, work in sections.

5. Once the paint begins to crack, use a clean Chip Brush on its side to begin moving and lifting off the paint. 

6. Next, go back with your fingers to further manipulate the textured surface. 

7. Allow to dry and then use a fine sandpaper to smooth any rough spots. 

8. Now repeat steps 3-7 using the last paint color, Serengeti Gray.

9. Once dry, use a Chip Brush to apply the Light Antiquing Wax.

10. Then, once the wax has come to tack, apply the Dust of Ages allowing it to sit on the wax as the wax completely hardens. After that you can gently remove the excess dust. 


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