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DIY Dark, Trendy Cabinets

DIY Dark, Trendy Cabinets

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Dark kitchens are so trendy right now! Use our Good Man is Hard to Find One Step Paint to transform your kitchen. This shade is a beautiful deep gray that can be transformed with our various waxes. Watch as Amy and Gene show you how to paint your cabinets and how Cerusing Wax transforms the color. 


Good Man is Hard to Find One Step Paint

Clean Slate

Cerusing Wax




1. Start with Clean Slate. This will remove all the oil and residue from your cabinets that will prevent the paint from adhering. 

2. After the Clean Slate has dried, it's time to paint! Start by removing any hardware. When working on cabinets, start painting on the raised panel. Apply one thin coat, you may not get full coverage on the first coat. That is okay! This paint is called One Step because there is no sanding, stripping, or priming - but you may need more than one coat.

3. Continue by finishing around the edges of your cabinet. Give the paint about an hour to dry. Then work on your second thin coat!

4. Your piece should have full coverage and a gorgeous matte look after it has dried! Keep following to give your cabinets a new look with Cerusing Wax. It will go from a matte look to a specialty furniture finish!

5. For a farmhouse or Restoration Hardware look follow these steps...Take your Cerusing Wax with a Chip Brush - be sure to offload your brush. Then start applying a thin coat. Apply very little pressure with your brush. (Our panel has a piece of tape to show you the difference between the paint and the paint with Cerusing Wax). Let it dry for about 40 minutes. Take your steel wool and buff the piece, this will pull some of the Dark Gray out. Finish off by buffing with a lint-free rag. Enjoy the bragging Rights!

6. If you want a different look - try using our Light Wax! Apply a thin, uniform coat of Light Wax. Be sure to offload your brush! Buff with a lint-free rag one the wax has dried a bit. This will give your cabinets a nice sheen.

Enjoy The Bragging Rights!

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