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DIY Faux Woodgrain Doormat

DIY Faux Woodgrain Doormat

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

This fun and quick DIY doormat is a staple piece for any home! Watch as Mary from Mary Corrado Interiors shows you how she uses our Woodgrain Mesh Stencil, One Step Paints, and Matte Sealer to create this mat.

Shop What She Used:

Matte Sealer

Woodgrain Stencil

Dunavant Green One Step Paint

Vintage Affliction One Step Paint

Slow As Molasses ChalkArt


Additional Supplies:


How To:


Step One:  Paint the piece of canvas with One Step Paint in Dunavant Green
Use a foam brush and apply two coats
Step Two: Let your paint dry
Step Three: Take your Mesh Stencil and lay it on top of the canvas
Step Four: Apply ChalkArt on top of the stencil
Step Five: Remove stencil and let the paint dry
Step Six: Seal with Matte Sealer
Use a foam roller for best application!
Step Seven: Let dry your Matte Sealer Dry
Step Eight: Tape off the border of your mat
Step Nine: Paint border with Vintage Affliction One Step Paint using an Artist Brush
Step Ten: Let dry and peel off tape
Step Eleven: Repeat with all sides 
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