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DIY On A Dime Series: Twin Beds

DIY On A Dime Series: Twin Beds

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Welcome back to our final installment in our series: DIY On A Dime! This series was created to help show you how you can live in the home of your dreams without blowing your budget. We walk you through the process step-by-step on how you can save thousands by doing the project yourself. In part four of this series, we are showing you how you can give yourself brand new furniture with our NEW One Hour Miracle Paint. P.s. scroll below for an awesome deal to save money on your must-have DIY products!

Today we are showing you how @thehouseofemmaline on Instagram used a fresh coat of paint to transform her twin beds. With no sanding, stripping, or sealing, you will want to do this to every piece of furniture! Shop our entire line of Miracle Paint by CLICKING HERE - it really does work miracles!

New furniture is outrageously expensive! We recommend up cycling thrown out furniture, reusing furniture you already have, furniture from your local thrift shop, a garage sell, or even from Facebook Market place. This twin bed is going for $1000+. Make your very own for only $80!

Shop the supplies you'll need here to stay on budget:

    This brings your grand total for supplies to only: $80!!!

    Keep in mind, this project won't use up all of your supplies! Once you buy them, you will have leftovers to use on other projects, giving you the best bang for your buck.

    Step One
    Clean Surface With Clean Slate
    Step Two
    Paint Surface With One Coat Of Miracle Paint And Let Dry
    Step Three
    Add as Many Coats As Needed, Let Dry And You Are Done!
    What will your next project be?
    Don't forget to check out our friends Meg & Joe Piercy's new YouTube channel, Megmade! They will show you how to recycle old furniture into staple pieces. They also share with you insider secrets to flipping furniture.
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