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DIY Stamped Napkins Using One Step Paint

DIY Stamped Napkins Using One Step Paint

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Love napkins with a little flair? Well take your leftover One Step Paint and DIY! These napkins would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, a lunch with friends, or just a weeknight meal. 



1. Begin by cutting your foam sheet into small strips the same length as your block.

2. Then use your hot glue gun to first glue two pieces of foam together and then glue them onto your block, leaving a gap between each strip.

3. Mix 1 part water to 2 parts paint of each color.

4. Using your Foam Dome Brush, dip in each color and begin to offload using an up down motion.

5. Then, using the same up down motion, apply the paint to your homemade stamp. Try to apply the darker color (Cherborg) on one side, the lighter color (Barefoot In The Park) on the other, and then a mix of the two in the middle.  This will give you an ombre effect.

6. Next, place the stamp down starting on the corner of the napkin. Apply firm pressure.

7. Carefully lift the stamp up and then repeat the steps alternating the direction of the stripes.



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