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DIY The Restoration Hardware Finish

DIY The Restoration Hardware Finish

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

We get asked all the can I create an easy and gorgeous furniture finish? Today we are showing you! 

This finish is easy to do, easy to maintain, and you can do it on raw or finished furniture! 

You will need...

English Walnut Gel Stain

Cerusing Wax

Apply Your Gel Stain
You can use a natural bristle brush or sponge brush to apply your Gel Stain. Let your stain dry. If your piece is already stained you can skip this step. 

Apply Your Cerusing Wax

Note that you will want to do this step in sections so the wax does not dry

The Cerusing Wax will be applied very heavy, you will want to let it come to tack (wait about 3-4 minutes). Apply your Cerusing Wax with a chip brush, you will NOT want to use a synthetic brush. 

Apply the Cerusing Wax on HEAVY using a pouncing motion. You will want the whole piece to be covered. After it is completely covered, take a new, clean brush and start brushing over the wax. Brush back and forth barely touching so you create the RH look.

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