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DIYs With Decorative Molds

DIYs With Decorative Molds

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Create beautiful finishes with depth and texture by using the NEW Decorative Molds. Have you tried our new Molds yet?! Don't feel overwhelmed! Join Blanca from Furniture With Imagination as she shows you a wonderful technique to achieve this look! What will you create?

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Step One 

Mix Resin With The Hardner. Use 60% Resin And 40% Hardner To Make Your Molds Bendable. Mix For Three Minutes.

Step Two

Pour Mixture Into The Molds And Let Cure Overnight.

Step Three

While The Molds Are Drying, Paint Your Piece With One Step Paint Color Of Your Choice. Let Dry. 

Step Four

Once Molds Are Dry, Pop Them Out. Using Wood Glue, Glue Decorative Molds Onto Piece And Let Dry.

Step Five

Once The Molds Are Attached And Dry, Add Another Coat Of One Step Paint Over Entire Piece Including The Decorative Molds. Let Dry.

Step Six

Blanca Added A Coat Of Milk Paint On Top Of Piece To Finish Off The Piece.

Step Seven

Let Dry And You Are Done!

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