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Easily Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Easily Paint Kitchen Cabinets

, by Alex Beard, 4 min reading time

Looking to revitalize your kitchen cabinets with a new color?


Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint will help you to quickly refresh the look of your cabinets.


With a brand-new slate of 100 custom colors, and an improved formula (which includes essential oils), it is easier than ever to use One-Step paint to get a perfect finish.




Painting your kitchen cabinets can be scary because, naturally, people are afraid of messing up. That’s why in this video, Amy and her husband Gene go over the process carefully to help you get it right.


This tutorial on painting kitchen cabinets can also apply to items like bathroom vanities and other types of furniture.   


Do a test run first 


Amy recommends going to a store like Goodwill to buy a cheap cabinet door that you can use as a sample.


“Test” your chosen Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint color on this piece to make sure you like the way it looks.


Amy's Tip: View it at different times of day in different lights, so you have a solid sense of what it will look like.


 Start with a Clean Slate 


When you are ready to get started on your cabinets, the only thing you need to do before you begin painting is to clean the item first, and we recommend using Amy Howard at Home Clean Slate. Not your average de-greaser, Clean Slate is a solvent-based, refinisher-grade cleaner that removes wax, dirt, grease, smoke residue, and more, to provide the best adhesion for the paint.


Use Clean Slate in a ventilated area. Apply it to a rag and wipe down the item that you are preparing to paint. Once you have cleaned it, go back over it with a dry rag – no rinsing or washing down necessary. It will be dry in about five to 10 minutes.


Use a Synthetic Brush


For cabinets, don’t use a chip brush. Instead, Amy recommends using a Synthetic Brush with microfiber because it will lay paint down flatter with a smoother finish, and reduce the visible brush marks in paint.


Amy's Tip: If you’re using a brush to paint, use a brush for everything. If you are using a roller, use it for everything. This is important so that you don’t see a difference in texture.


Apply One-Step Paint


Now it’s time to paint your kitchen cabinets! Here are some techniques to keep in mind as your paint: 


  • If you are painting the door of the cabinet, try propping it up so that you can get around the edges more easily

  • Always paint with the grain if you’re painting wood grain


  • Paint long, quick strokes


  • Remember that it’s better to do two light coats of paint than one heavy coat, because if you put it on too heavy it will have a tendency to crack



  • Paint off of the edges, rather than on the edges (which will puddle)


The first coat should dry in 30 minutes to one hour, and then you can move on to your second coat. Remember, you don’t have to seal Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint!


Visit our full collection of Amy Howard Home One-Step Paint Colors here, and get started on you kitchen cabinets today! 

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