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How To Create A Statement Furniture Finish

How To Create A Statement Furniture Finish

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Wait! Before you throw out that one piece that has been collecting dust in a far off corner, watch this. Sonja shows you how she took old candlesticks and gave them a statement finish.

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Step One: Clean With Clean Slate

Step Two: Apply A Base Coat Of Palace Grey One Step Paint

Step Three: Wipe Away The Paint From The Gold Areas So The Gold Shines Through

Step Four: Dab On Chelsea Square One Step Paint With Sponge Applicator Wrapped In A Lint-Free Rag. 

Step Five: Apply Light Antiquing Wax With A Light Hand And Allow To Dry Until Tacky.

Step Six: Rub On Pompeii Grey Pigment Powder


Step 7: Enjoy The Bragging Rights!



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