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How to DIY Fortuny: Recreating Luxury At Home!

How to DIY Fortuny: Recreating Luxury At Home!

, by Danielle Knip, 3 min reading time

In this article, we're diving into the exquisite world of DIY Fortuny, revealing the insider secrets to bringing luxury right into your home. From enhancing artworks to revitalizing furniture and even embellishing wallpaper, join us on a journey to elevate your living space with refined finishes and exquisite detailing.


Amy Howard Home Products:

Other Supplies:

  • Lint Free Rag

Step 1: Mix Your Paint

Mix three parts 'Easy Street', one part 'Vintage Affliction', and one part 'Brooks Grey' One Step Paint. 

Step 2: Paint Your Surface

Coat your surface with the custom color using a high-density paint roller. Allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes.


Step 3: Make Your Glaze

For the glaze, maintain the ratio of one part Glazed Over, one part water, and one part of the paint mixture from step one. Additionally, add a small amount of 'Lady Singing The Blues' One Step Paint and 'Black' One Step Paint to achieve a darker hue.

Step 4: Apply Your Glaze 

Use a sponge brush or roller to apply the glaze in various motions, such as circular or organic squiggles. Work in sections to maintain control and ensure the glaze does not dry too quickly. After applying the glaze to a section, gently pounce a lint-free rag over it to achieve the desired texture. Allow the glaze to dry.

Step 5: Lay Your Stencil Down + Mix Your Gel Art Inks

Place your stencil onto the piece and press it firmly to secure it in place. These stencils are reusable, so wash and dry them for future use. Mix Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and Hush Your Mouth Gel Art Ink.

Step 6: Apply Your Gel Art Ink To Your Stencil

Using an artist brush, apply the ink mixture to the stencil in sections.

Mix more blue into your other mixture and apply it here and there.

Use a ChalkArt spreader to begin blending your inks around the stencil. Incorporate Metallic Silver Ink into the mix and work it around the stencil.

Continue adding additional gold and silver ink while blending them until the entire stencil is covered.

Step 7: Remove Your Stencil

Carefully remove the stencil to reveal your stunning design. Remember to wash your stencil promptly for future use.

Final Reveal!

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