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How To Easily Paint Any Kitchen Countertop

How To Easily Paint Any Kitchen Countertop

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Dreaming of new kitchen countertops?

In this tutorial, Amy Howard shows us how to easily paint our kitchen countertops with One-Step, a chalk-based paint. 

No matter if you’re just wanting to bring new life to old Formica countertops, or want to re-do your entire kitchen, this tutorial will help you learn how!


When working with Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint, you don’t have to worry about stripping, sanding, or priming your project before you begin. 

Simply clean your piece using a product like our Clean Slate to remove any dirt, dust, grime, or old wax and you’re ready to paint. 

STEP 1: Clean Your Countertops

Clean Kitchen Countertops With Clean Slate | Amy Howard At Home

Before you begin painting your kitchen countertops, you’ll want to make sure to thoroughly clean the area that will be painted to get the best adhesion possible. 

We recommend using our Clean Slate to remove any wax, oil, grease, grime, or surfactants from your kitchen countertops.  

STEP 2: Paint The Back Panel & Front of The Countertop


Before painting the center of your countertops, you’ll want to start by cutting in and painting the back panel, as well as the front of your countertop with our Wedge Specialty Brush

Start with one thin and even coat.

NOTE: When painting the back panel and front of your countertop, try to cut out onto the top of the countertop so you don’t have to worry about your roller rubbing up against the areas you cut in. 

STEP 3: Paint The Center Of Your Countertop 

Paint Your Kitchen Countertops | One-Step Paint | Amy Howard At Home

After painting the back panel and front of your kitchen countertop, use our Foam Roller Brush to paint the center of your counter for a smooth and easy finish. 

You’ll want to start with one thin and even coat then let it dry completely before starting on your second coat. 

NOTE: Using the Foam Roller Brush prevents any texture from the paint showing on your countertops, giving you a smooth finish. 

STEP 4: Apply Your Second Coat 

Once you’ve allowed your first coat to dry around an hour, you’ll come back and apply your second coat to the back panel, front, and center of your kitchen countertop. 

Step 5: Seal Your Kitchen Countertops

Seal Kitchen Countertops With Matte Sealer | Amy Howard At Home

While you don’t have to seal the Amy Howard At Home One-Step Paint, we always want to add additional protection to surfaces like our kitchen countertops. 

Sealing your countertops with our Matte Sealer makes your countertops easier to clean with products like Windex, or Clorox wipes when removing any food residue. 

Using our Matte Sealer prevents any yellowing while still keeping your countertops protected for a very long time. 

Just like you applied the One-Step Paint, you’ll want to cut in on the back panel and front before starting on the center of your kitchen countertop with the Foam Roller Brush. 

It will be best to apply two coats of our Matte Sealer to create a smoother finish, add more protection, and make your countertops even easier to clean. 

Paint Your Kitchen Countertops | Amy Howard At Home

Ready To Get Started On Your Kitchen Countertops? 

Here are the products used in this Amy Howard At Home tutorial…

1. One-Step Chalk Based Paint - Summer Ragada 


2. Clean Slate furniture cleaner 


3. Wedge Specialty Brush  


4. Foam Roller Brush


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