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How To Makeover Your End Tables

How To Makeover Your End Tables

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

You guys, this is too easy! Give your end tables a completely new look without the stress. All you need is paint and stain for this on trend look. Watch how Kathy from Broaken Roads energizes her end tables with this furniture finish. You're going to love recreating this look!

Shop What She Used Here

  1.  Clean Slate
  2.  1.5" Nylon Tapered Brush
  3.  2.0" Flat Paint Chip Brush
  4.  1.5" Flat Paint Chip Brush
  5.  Lady Singing The Blues - One Step Paint
  6.  Hazel Mahogany - Gel Stain
  7.  Matte Sealer 
  8.  Mind Your Own Beeswax


Step One

Clean Side Tables With Clean Slate And Let Dry For Ten Minutes

Step Two

Apply Hazel Mahogany Gel Stain On Top Of Side Tables And Let Dry (this should take a few hours to dry)

Step Three

Apply One Step Paint To The Rest Of The Side Tables

Step Four

Let Dry And Apply A Second Coat

Step Five

Apply Matte Sealer To The Tops Of The Side Tables Over The Gel Stain And Let Dry

Step Six

Apply Mind Your Own Beeswax Over The One Step Paint And Let Dry

Step Seven

Apply Mind Your Own Beeswax On Top Of The Gel Stain And Matte Sealer

Step Eight

Allow To Dry Then Buff Entire Piece

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