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How To Paint Brick

How To Paint Brick

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

We love traditional brick over here at Amy Howard At Home. Bring your old brick to life in an instant with our One Step Paint. Cindy from Cozy Mountain Cottage shows you how to refresh your brick and give it an instant charm!


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Step One

Begin Painting The Grout Lines With Weybridge White One Step Paint

Step Two

Once The Grout Lines Are Painted, Begin Painting The Faces Of The Brick (do not use a roller for this step) p.s. don't go for a solid layer, allow some brick to show through

Step Three

Allow To Dry

Step Four

Use The Matte Sealer With The Wedge Specialty Brush To Cover The Paint

Step Five

You May Need Two Light Coats Opposed To One Heavy Coat Of Matte Sealer

Step Six

Allow To Dry And Fall In Love With Your New Brick


  • will this technique work for outdoor brick thank you!


    The Alexander Gallery on

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