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How To Use Liming Wax

How To Use Liming Wax

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Did you know that we sell Liming Wax? Blanca from Furniture With Imagination shows you how she used our Liming Wax to make a vintage mirror! Use this to have elegance and durability all in one place. Grab your very own Liming Wax for only $8.50.

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All About Our Liming Wax

     Liming Wax is specially formulated to protect your finishes and give them a pop of sophistication. Use it to create a beautiful white-washed finish or to lighten vibrant paint colors into lighter tones and pastels. Liming Wax elegantly accents wood’s natural grains and showcases the carved details in your furniture, frames, and decorations. Using a white washing application technique can create beautiful custom colors and pastels on your pieces. Just watch as you instantly develop the perfect amount of character and age on your furniture.

     Amy’s Tip: Liming Wax works best on woods like oak that have an open, loose grain. This allows the liming wax to fill into the grain as opposed to the moldings.


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