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How To Transform A Wooden Dresser With Milk Paint

How To Transform A Wooden Dresser With Milk Paint

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

It's time to freshen up for the new year! Blanca from Furniture With Imagination is going to show you how she used Toscana Milk Paint to transform this dresser into a treasure.

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Step One: Clean Piece With Clean Slate

Step Two: Cover Drawers With One Coat Of Dunavant Green One Step Paint

(You can skip this step and opt to sand the piece instead)

Step Three: Let Drawers Dry

Step Four: Mix Three Parts "Topiary" And One Part "Noir" Milk Paints With One Part Water

Step Five: Apply Milk Paint To Drawers

(Paint will be watery. Lay furniture flat to ensure your piece will not have water droplets.)

Step Six: Let Drawers Dry

Step Seven: Mix Your "Venetian Brown" and "As All Get Out" Milk Paints

Step Eight: Use Sea Sponge To Apply "Venetian Brown" Milk Paint

Step Nine: Take "As All Get Out "Milk Paint And Paint On Top Of Wet Milk Paint

Step Ten: Let Drawers Dry

Step Eleven: Apply Antiquing Glaze With Sea Sponge

Step Twelve: Let Drawers Dry

Step Thirteen: Load Brush With Light Wax And Offload On Cardboard

Step Fourteen: Apply Light Wax To Drawers

Step Fifteen: Repeat Steps Thirteen And Fourteen With Dark Wax

Step Sixteen: Sand The Piece

Step Seventeen: Apply Cerusing Wax Everywhere But The Drawers

Step Eighteen: Wait 10 Minutes Then Buff Piece

Step Nineteen: Once Piece Is Dry Add Drawers Back In & Start Enjoying The Bragging Rights!

Shop What She Used:

-Clean Slate

-One Step Paint Dunavant Green

-Topiary Milk Paint

-Noir Black Milk Paint

 -Venetian Brown Milk Paint

-As All Get Out Milk Paint

-Artist Brush

-Antiquing Glaze

-Light Wax

-Dark Wax

-Vintage Wood Cerusing Wax

Additional Supplies:

-Sea Sponge


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