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Milk Paint or Chalk Based Paint | What Should I Use?

Milk Paint or Chalk Based Paint | What Should I Use?

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Rescuing and restoring various furniture pieces can be a very rewarding experience for anyone!

You should, however, know exactly what type of products have to be used in order to achieve the most ideal results in every project you embark on.

In this tutorial, we focus on the differences between the Amy Howard at Home selections of Toscana Milk Paint and chalk-based paint - when they should and shouldn’t be applied, what finishes can be achieved, and what things make Amy Howard at Home refinishing products better than most.

The Difference Between Milk Paint & Chalk Based Paint

When you purchase a can of One-Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home, you’ll find the product ready to use as it is.

One-Step Paint can be applied on practically any surface - plastic, glass, resin, and even fabric.

The Toscana Milk Paint products, on the other hand, are in powder form. Milk Paint is made from casein, which is a milk-based product.

Once you prepare your Toscana Milk Paint from Amy Howard at Home and mix it with water, you can expect a shelf life of 1-2 weeks. Left un-mixed, Milk Paint can last for years in its powdered form. 

Ideal Usage For Milk Paint & Chalk Based Paint

Due to its great adhesive quality, One-Step Paint can provide great coverage over various surfaces. You can, for instance, use it to restore an old drawer and make it look like new.

If you want to mimic the look of a worn, antique chair, instead, a layered Milk Paint finish will do the job right. You can also use milk paint with Antiquing Glaze and Cracked Gesso for even better results.

Amy Howard At Home Toscana Milk Paint

Note, though, that not all milk paints are made equal. Milk paint options from Amy Howard at Home are superior in both beauty and quality.

All pigments used for each and every pack of Toscana Milk Paint are shipped from natural quarries in Provence.

Every Toscana Milk Paint color has great depth and is naturally beautiful; whereas, other offerings in the market might only be synthetic.

Knowledge truly is the key to succeeding with any endeavor.

Successfully rescue and restore furniture throughout your home by choosing the right paint for the ideal finish.

If you want to try creating beautiful milk paint or chalk-based paint projects, try doing so with the following products:

One-Step Paint

Toscana Milk Paint

Strasbourg White Toscana Milk Paint

Calais Green Toscana Milk Paint

Cracked Gesso

Antiquing Glaze

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