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DIY On A Dime Series: Bathroom Armoire

DIY On A Dime Series: Bathroom Armoire

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Welcome to our new series: DIY On A Dime! This series is designed to help you save money while furnishing and decorating your house. With the prices of construction and contractors skyrocketing, we are here to help you stay on budget. We will walk you through the process step-by-step on how you can save thousands by doing the project yourself. We are kicking this series off by showing you how you can restore a bathroom armoire.

Bathroom cabinets are a must to help you stay organized in a small space. This vintage bathroom armoire is being sold for just under $2,500! Scroll below to find out how you can create this armoire for less than $75 in supplies...

Shop the supplies you'll need here to stay on budget:

Additional Supplies:

  • Bathroom Cabinet (You can find a bathroom cabinet at your local thrift store, an auction, estate/garage sell, re-purpose your old furniture, or even on the side of the road!)
  • Use our Gold Leaf + Gilding Size to add a special touch to this project

This brings your grand total for supplies to only: $74.50

Keep in mind, this project won't use up all of your supplies! Once you buy them, you will have leftovers to use on other projects, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Step One

Clean area thoroughly and sand area before starting

Step Two

Paint a base coat of One Step Paint and Let Dry

Step Three

Optional: Add Gilding Size And Gold Leaf To Highlight Design

Step Four

Mix Up Milk Paint And Let Sit For 30 Minutes

Step Five

Paint Milk Paint On Top Of One Step Paint And Let Dry

Step Six

Brush A Light Coat Of Cerusing Wax Over Entire Piece

You just saved yourself over $2,000!!! What will you flip next?

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