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One-Step Paint: Step-By-Step Tutorial

One-Step Paint: Step-By-Step Tutorial

, by Amy Howard, 4 min reading time

It can easily be said that our 100% natural One Step Paint™ is what set the Amy Howard At Home® line on the map. The methanol free, Non-VOC, certifiable green formulation is in a league of it’s own.

It can easily be said that our 100% natural One Step Paint™ is what set the Amy Howard At Home® line on the map. The methanol free formulation is in a league of it’s own. Our chalk-based paint not only allows you to skip the sanding, priming and stripping process; it can be used without sealing as well! With over 60% of all rescued and restored pieces being placed in children’s rooms, it was imperative to Amy that her line offer a completely safe choice for your precious babies.

Planning nursery decor is such a special treat for our team of artisans. The rule for children’s decor is that there are no rules! This is the perfect time to use your imagination and all those bold color combinations you have been itching to try out. With our masculine mid-century dresser in hand we set out to create the perfect welcome home vignette for baby boy.

For this Project we used:

Amy Howard at Home® One Step Paint™ in Lady Singing the Blues

Amy Howard at Home® One Step Paint™ in Bauhaus Buff

• Amy Howard at Home® Clean Slate™

• Clean lint-free rag

• Painter’s tape

Amy Howard at Home® Round Hog Hair Brushes


We cleaned all surfaces of the chest, including hardware, with Amy Howard at Home® Clean Slate™ and a clean lint-free rag. Let fully dry.


We pulled out the drawers and removed any hardware that was easy to unscrew.


We then taped off the edges of the interior and exterior.


We filled in any scratches, dings or dents with a quick drying wood filler.


While the wood filler dried, we ran our hands over the dresser to feel for any rough spots that needed sanding. More times than not, the corners have been bumped a great deal over the years and need some tending to. A light buffing with mild grit sandpaper will do the trick.

In order to maintain the integrity of the mid-century appeal and still be playful enough for a child’s room, we dreamed up a fun, yet unique, color contrast. Never be afraid to dream up ways to make each project pop and stand alone.


When the wood filler is dry, it’s time to paint! We used our Lady Singing the Blues on round brush to go over the surface of the body and three drawers with a cross hatch motion. With the One Step Paint’s™ quick and easy coverage, our dry time was a snap.

Professional tip: If you would like to use a paint sprayer, dilute the One Step Paint™ with 15% water.


We repeated step 6 using a clean brush and our Bauhaus Buff on the top two drawers. These two drawers had a varying shape and trim, which made it easy to envision with an accenting color.


We chose to add a pop of contrast to the opposing fixtures and front feet as well. We used our same tape, brushes and cross-hatch motion as before.

We admit, not many are bold enough to paint furniture fixtures, let alone a dipped feet effect–but the Amy Howard at Home team wants to show you just how much individuality and loads of appeal your imagination can bring to a project. Paint any surface, including metal fixtures just as you would the rest of your surfaces. There are no limitations to your creativity!


When all surfaces were completely dry, it was finally time to remove all painter’s tape and reassemble. We reattached our hardware and put the drawers back in place.

Didn’t this guy turn out handsome!

Enjoy the bragging rights,

Amy Howard

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