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Turn Your Pine Table From Drab To Fab

Turn Your Pine Table From Drab To Fab

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time


Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Tamara Hudson, is here to show you how to take your drab Pine table and make it fab! She uses various techniques to give the table a new life with some of the original wood peeking through. 

Products Used:

Step 1 - Clean:

Clean with Clean Slate. Needed some elbow grease.

Step 2 - Stain:

Apply Gel Stain in English Walnut. I used a chip brush to apply and a stain pad to wipe off after it started to dry a little bit.

Step 3 - Paint The Legs:

While that dried, I painted 2 coats of One Step Paint in Black on the legs and apron of the table.

Step 4 - Paint The Top:

I dry brushed a coat of One Step Paint in Ballet White to the tabletop a couple of days after the stain was good and dry. I chose to dry brush because my client wanted some of that darker wood showing through.

Step 5 - Cracked Patina:

Then I applied Cracked Patina just here and there in different places on the tabletop. When that dried, I came back in and laid down another light coat of One Step Paint in Ballet White and let it do its thing.

Step 6 - Cracked Gesso:

I probably could have left it alone here, but it just didn't have the depth and character my client was after. So I tried adding something else. I mixed up some Cracked Gesso and painted the whole tabletop.

Step 7 - Milk Paint:

After the Cracked Gesso dried I added a layer of Toscana Milk Paint in Strasbourg White. I really like the different colors and textures of white that were layered on top of each other.

Step 8 - Sand:

I used 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the tabletop. I just wanted to knock down some of the heavy cracking to soften the look a bit.

Step 9 - Seal:

I would normally use light and dark antiquing wax next, but my client plans to use this piece on their covered porch. I chose to do 3 coats of Matte Sealer to protect it from the elements.


Set the table, fire up the BBQ Grill, and ENJOY THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!


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