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Do I Need To Seal My Furniture?

Do I Need To Seal My Furniture?

, by Emily Gallops, 3 min reading time

In this tutorial, Amy Howard breaks down when to seal furniture, how to seal it, and what to seal it with. 


When working with Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint, you do not have to seal your furniture or decor finishes. If you are using a different chalk based paint or milk paint, you will need to seal your finish after painting. 

At Amy Howard at Home, we have several products that can be used to seal your furniture & decor...

  • The Matt Sealer 
  • Clear Wax
  • Light Antique Wax
  • Dark Antique Wax 
  • Bight Idea Spray

Matte Sealer (Water Based) 

Wax can go over your Matte Sealer, but it is not necessary.

The Matte Sealer is best used when working with floors, or to protect a chalky matt finish

The surface that is sealed with Matte Sealer can be cleaned with water or windex.

When applying the Matte Sealer, do not use a chip brush, use a synthetic brush or roller to apply properly. 


Clear Wax

Wanting to seal a piece but not antique it? The Clear Wax is best for adding a non colored, clear patina and protective top coat.  

 Light Antique Wax

Light Antique Wax is formulated to protect your finishes and give them the cozy, golden warmth we love in a well-worn antique.

You can use the Light Antique Wax on metal, to preserve and enhance patina, or to act as a protectant and sealer for raw wood. 

The Light Antique Wax pairs perfectly with your stained and painted pieces and gives milk paint an authentic, vintage sheen.

Dark Antique Wax 

This special formulation can be used on metal to preserve or enhance patina, as well as on raw or painted wood as protectant or sealer.

Never to be used by itself, our Dark Antique Wax is best to use when wanting to antique furniture or decor and add an aged appearance. You will want to use the Dark Antique Wax on top of the Light Antique Wax. 

The Dark Antique Wax is cleanable with clean slate or paint thinner.

It is best to use the wax pucks when working on furniture and to use them with a brush. 


Bight Idea Spray

The Bright Idea, clear coat spray is best for a high gloss finish. 

Bright Idea can be applied on top of one-step paint or other finishes to achieve a high gloss, sealed, top coat.

When using the Bright Idea spray with the Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint, you do not need to use a primer before applying.  

Amy's Tip: If you see finger prints, you've applied too much wax!

In the video above, Amy Howard shows how to apply Matte Sealer, and how to use our waxes as a sealant for your furniture and decor. 

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