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How To: Cracked Gesso End Tables With A Custom Wax

How To: Cracked Gesso End Tables With A Custom Wax

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Leah, is giving you all the details on how she created these gorgeous Cracked Gesso End Tables. She also shows you how to create a custom wax that will add age to your piece. 

Step 1 - Clean:

Clean well with Clean Slate

Step 2 - Base Coat: 

One coat of Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint (to give Cracked Gesso something to adhere to)

Step 3 - Mix It Up:

Mix up your Cracked Gesso, 1 Part Gesso to 1 Part Water.  Mix well and let sit in the fridge overnight.

Step 4 - Apply The Cracked Gesso

Apply coat 2 Coats of Cracked Gesso with a chip brush allowing dry time in between coats.

Step 5 - Sand:

Sand lightly with 400 Grit Sandpaper until smooth to the touch.

Step 6 - Wipe Away Residue:

Wipe away any residue with a damp cloth.

Step 7 - Mix Your Milk Paint:

Mix up Scandinavian Grey Milk Paint night before. 1 Part Milk Paint to 1 Part lukewarm water.  Let sit at room temperature overnight.

Step 8 - Stir:

Before applying milk paint, stir thoroughly, getting everything that settled to the bottom to mix with water. 

Step 9 - Applying The Milk Paint:

Apply milk paint and agitate mixture with chip brush each time you dip in with brush.

Step 10 - Sand:

Once dry, sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper until smooth to touch.

Step 11 - Clean and Repeat:

Clean away any residue and repeat one more coat of milk paint. Sand lightly one more time until smooth. Clean away any dust now it's time to seal. 

Step 12 - Seal: 

Use Mind Your Own Beeswax to seal tables with a chip brush.  Use cardboard to offload any excess wax. Allow to dry at least one hour then buff with a clean lint-free cloth.

Step 13 - Custom Wax:

Create a custom wax using Dark Antique Wax, Mind Your Own Beeswax, and Dust of Ages. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a chip brush, offloading onto cardboard as not to have too much product on your brush.  Apply to edges, and anywhere it would naturally age to accent.  


Let dry, buff lightly, and enjoy the bragging rights!


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