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AMS: Holiday Stencils

Looking for holiday stencils to create some fun home decor for an upcoming holiday? Or, are you a business owner looking to create holiday decor or clothing for your customers? Either way, our holiday stencils are exactly what you need for simple, stunning masterpieces you’re proud to attach your name to. Get yours now!

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Explore Our Selection of Holiday Stencils for Fun DIY Projects or Businesses!

At A Maker’s Studio, we believe in making things with joy, teaching with passion, mentoring with love, and serving with grace. We seek to help you turn your creative passion into a business - or simply use it as an outlet in your spare time. Through our products and educational resources, you can see for yourself how art can stir the soul and satisfy the heart.

And here on this page, you’ll gain access to an amazing selections of stencils for all your favorite holidays - from Christmas to Halloween, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving, and everything in between! Shop now and see firsthand why our customers always come back for more. Or, keep reading below - we’ll explain…

Why Get Your Holiday Stencils at A Maker’s Studio?

Our stencils are carefully crafted from the best materials to ensure a long useful life. You’ll get the most out of your budget when you shop here with us. These stencils are super easy to clean so you can use them again, and again, and again - on any surface you please! The transfer process is simple and straightforward.

And, the stencils are versatile in that they can be used with just about any type of finish - Rescue Restore Paint, Chalk Art, Gilding, you name it. And with the strong adhesive, it’s easy to get the perfect final product - no smudging or uneven lines.

In terms of the designs themselves, you’ll love the beautiful creations you’re able to make through our stencils. Anyone can become an artist with these stencils - whether you’re in it to make a living, for some extra side income, or simply for the love of creating art!

We have all the different types of holiday-style stencils you could imagine. That includes Christmas stencils, Thanksgiving stencils, Valentine's day stencils, Halloween stencils, and even happy birthday stencils - because let’s face it, the day you were born is pretty much a holiday too! No matter what holiday season you came here for, you can rest assured the perfect stencil is here waiting for you to discover it. The only question is - what will you create?

Looking for Other Types of Stencils?

As you will see once you start scrolling the products on this page, there are so many stencils to choose from it can get overwhelming - you won’t run out of DIY ideas any time soon! 

But while you’re at it, take a look at some of the other mesh stencils we’ve created for you along with our holiday stencils. We’ve got animal stencils, pattern stencils, bible verse stencils, quote stencils, and so much more. We can’t wait to see what you create with our stencils!

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