2.0″ Round Tapered Brush

Successful refinishing begins with the right tools!

This multi-use round hog hair brush is an upgrade for anyone who paints and refinishes furniture and other surfaces. The specialty hog hair bristles last longer, are easier to clean, and significantly cut down on time spent painting and waxing time.


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“Everyone, from the professional to the DIY enthusiast, needs the right tools to create the beauty and charm you envision for each piece.”

Who ever thought the painting and waxing process could actually feel luxurious? With the round hog hair brush you can achieve beautiful rich coats of paint and perfectly applied waxes in a third of the time a chip brush or other tool would take.

Amy Howard Round Hog Hair Brush

Amy’s Tip:  Round hog hair brushes are perfect for waxes, no matter how advanced you are in your restoration skills. Advanced painters must be mindful that this brush holds a lot of paint. Proper application is to use a careful cross hatching motion, thinning as you go.