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Side Table Makeover With Gilded Cup Pull Hardware

Side Table Makeover With Gilded Cup Pull Hardware

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Kathy Kroening, gave this table a complete makeover and added some gorgeous handles. Follow along with her process below...


Step 1: Clean Slate

Kathy started off by applying Clean Slate to strip the piece of any oils, wax, or grease. 

Step 2: Apply the base coat

Next up is the base coat, Kathy applied two coats of Stella One Step Paint

Step 3: Apply the top color

Kathy chose Parisian Gray One Step as the color for the top of the piece and applied it. She applied two coats of this as well. You can see how the piece is coming along in the photo below!

Step 4: Accent Mix

Mix equal parts of Aubergine One Step Paint and water. Apply this mix to detail edges. 

Step 5: Additional Accents

Kathy mixed Black One Step Paint and Mind Your Own Beeswax to add additional detail. She offloaded her brush before applying to the piece.


Step 6: Blend In Black Accents

Mix Cerusing Wax and Stella One Step Paint to blend in the darker accents. 

Step 7: Dust of Ages

Kathy then applied Dust of Ages to the waxed areas to add detail. 

Step 8: Gild The Hardware

Apply Gilding Size to the hardware and let it come to tack. Then wrap the hardware in Silver Leaf. Finish off the hardware by sanding it with 0000 steel wool. 

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Finish the piece off by applying and buffing in Mind Your Own Beeswax

Last Step: Enjoy The Bragging Rights!


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