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Amy Howard & Meg Piercy: Exploring Color Trends with LuxeLacquer

Amy Howard & Meg Piercy: Exploring Color Trends with LuxeLacquer

, by Danielle Knip, 3 min reading time

In a recent chat, Amy Howard caught up with designer extraordinaire Meg Piercy from MegMade to talk about all things color and interior design. Meg, known for her knack in crafting stunning interiors, shared her journey and insights into embracing color to create unique and vibrant homes.

Meet MegMade

MegMade's journey began unexpectedly when Meg wanted to create a nursery for her now eldest son without breaking the bank. Her passion for refinishing furniture ignited, leading her to start with repurposed pieces and refine her craft over time. Training with Amy Howard a decade ago in Memphis, Tennessee, marked a pivotal moment in her career.

Today, MegMade is a hub of creativity, offering custom furniture, wallpaper, lighting, and interior design services. With two stores and a production facility, Meg has shipped her creations to 48 states and even hosted an HGTV show, "Renovation Goldmine." Although her journey has been quite the ride, her mission and vision have never changed, just evolved.

Trending Designs & Palettes

Both Amy and Meg notice a shift away from greys and neutrals, welcoming back vibrant colors, textures, and patterns. Embracing color and layering is making a comeback in the design world.

Incorporating Color in Neutrals

Color can be intimidating, but once you start to dip your toes in, you'll be eager to dive in headfirst once you realize the joy it brings. Meg encourages a gradual approach—start with art, pillows, or painted accents. They're not expensive and can easily be changed.

LuxeLacquer: A Game-Changing Finish

Upon discovering Amy Howard At Home's LuxeLacquer, Meg swiftly integrated it into her design narrative, aiming to feature it prominently in an upcoming HGTV magazine cover shoot. The ease of use and vibrant finish impressed Meg, who tackled her dining room walls and ceiling with the product.

Bold Choices & Standing Out

For Meg, bold colors are synonymous with personality and individuality. She urges homeowners to eschew cookie-cutter designs and embrace unique, vibrant choices that set their homes apart.

Color Beyond Walls

Meg's dining room, adorned with blue lacquered walls and a blush pink buffet, exemplifies her philosophy of vibrant, energetic spaces. Ceilings painted in mirrored blue create an illusion of height and expansiveness.

Where to Go Bold

Dining rooms are the heart of the home, where conversations flow and memories are made. Adding energy and vibrancy to this space enriches every gathering. Powder rooms and laundry rooms also offer opportunities to experiment with bold colors. Avoid overwhelming spaces like living rooms and kitchens, where functionality is key. In these areas, opt for subtler tones to complement daily activities without distractions.

Applying LuxeLacquer

When applying LuxeLacquer to wall paneling and ceilings, Meg opts for spraying or brushing, ensuring a smooth finish with sanding between coats. Amy emphasizes the importance of professional help for challenging tasks like ceiling painting.

Why LuxeLacquer Stands Out

Meg lauds LuxeLacquer for its ease of application and affordability compared to competitors. "It's about time someone comes out with a high-gloss paint that is well-priced, so well done!" she remarks.

Join Amy and Meg in their exploration of color and design, and unleash your creativity with LuxeLacquer! Check out MegMade's website here!  




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