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DIY An Authentic Aged Chippy Furniture Finish

DIY An Authentic Aged Chippy Furniture Finish

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Watch below as Hannah from French Faire gives this dresser an Authentic Aged Chippy Furniture Finish. ✨😍

Shop What She Used:

Clean Slate

One Step Paint: Light Base, Parisian Grey, Selznick Grey

Cracked Patina

Clear Wax

Dark Wax

Bright Bronze Mica Powder

Deep Gold Mica Powder

Dust of Ages

How To:

Step One: Remove old hardware, sand piece, and fix any damages

Step Two: Wipe down entire piece with Clean Slate

Make sure all sanding particles are removed before you start on your base layer.

Step Three: Apply your base coat
Use a synthetic brush to apply One Step Paint in Light Base and apply 3-4 coats.
Step Four: Take warm water and mix with Cracked Patina 
The thicker the mixture, the more prominent your crack will be.

Step Five: Apply Cracked Patina to piece
Step Six: Allow 30 minutes for Cracked Patina to dry
This mixture will never fully dry, but be a little tacky.
Step Seven: Apply Parisian Grey One Step Paint over the Cracked Patina using a dry synthetic brush
Paint in the same direction as you applied the Cracked Patina.

Step Eight: Once paint has a matte look, use a dry chip brush, or your hand, to lift the paint
Pull paint by laying down brush and lifting, or by using your hands.
Be sure to clean hands periodically so your hands don't become a positive tool.

Step Nine: Let the piece dry
Step Ten: Go back in with sand paper to lightly sand down raised areas
Step Eleven: Repeat step five using Cracked Patina over the dry paint
Step Twelve: Repeat step seven but with One Step Paint in Selznick Grey
Apply quickly and let dry until paint looks matte.
Step Thirteen: Repeat step eight and start pulling paint
Step Fourteen: Take your Clear Wax and apply to entire piece with chip brush

Step Fifteen: Use Dark Antique Wax and lightly apply to entire piece, but heavy on the edges
Step Sixteen: Use Dust of Ages and apply in the corners for texture
Step Seventeen: Use Deep Gold Mica Powder and Bright Bronze Mica Powder and apply sporadically 

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