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DIY Geometric Nightstand | Using One Step Paint

DIY Geometric Nightstand | Using One Step Paint

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Use this technique to paint your own Geometric Nightstand. Choose any color from our collection of One Step Paint for this fun design. 

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1. Begin by cleaning the top and sides of the nightstand using a lint free cloth and Clean Slate. 

2. Then use the Wedge Specialty Brush to apply Cranley Garden One Step Paint, using nice long stokes and always painting into a wet edge.  Be sure to paint in the direction of the grain as well. 

3. Once dry apply a second coat of paint. 

4. Next, add painters’ tape to the front of the dresser at an angle.  If it crosses over a handle you can tape it off to paint partially as well. 

5. Then continue the angle below to any crossbars but also taping off the legs. Be sure to burnish the tape (rub firmly) so that the paint doesn’t leak underneath it. 

6. Use your cloth and Clean Slate again to wipe down the area you will be painting.

7. Then paint those areas using the same method as in steps 2-3.

8. Lastly, carefully remove the Painters’ Tape and allow paint to cure. 

9. Optional, you can seal using one of the Amy Howard At Home Waxes or Sealants if you would like for added protection, durability, and sheen, but it is not necessary. 



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