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DIY Vintage Wood Planter, Learn How To Create A Zinc Finish!

DIY Vintage Wood Planter, Learn How To Create A Zinc Finish!

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

I love creating unique items to keep around my house and bring me joy. Make this Vintage Looking Wood Planter with me today. I'll show you how to antique metal and how to easily add detail anywhere...

Shop What I Used

Clean Slate

Zinc Antiquing Solution

Better With Age

Root For Me Mesh Stencil

Well I Declare Gel Art Ink


How To...

Step 1: Clean Your Surface With Clean Slate To Remove Any Residue

Step 2: Time For Zinc Solution!

Shake your Zinc Solution, grab your lint-free rag, and a pair of gloves. Start applying your Zinc Solution with the lint-free rag to the metal surface. You want to quickly pat it on, you don't want to scrub it. Continue until the whole metal surface is covered. 

Step 3: Let It Dry Or Use A Hairdryer

This will let the solution dry and you'll see the beautiful finish. 

Step 4: Better With Age

Stir your Better With Age and apply it with a sponge brush to the wood part of your planter. Let it dry!

Step 5: Add some detail!

Use your Root For Me Mesh Stencil and Well I Declare Gel Art Ink to add detail to the front of your planter. Lay down the stencil pattern, smooth it out, and then use the spreader to apply your Gel Art Ink through the mesh. You don't want to use too much as it may bleed. Peel back your Mesh Stencil and wash it with warm water immediately. 



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