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How To Antique A Mirror & Frame

How To Antique A Mirror & Frame

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Did you pick up a mirror at the last garage sale you visited with plans to restore it? This tutorial is for you! Watch as Sonja from Socks On A Rooster shows you exactly how to Milk Paint, gild, wax, and more to take your mirror to the next level!

Shop What She Used:

Mirror Solution

Black One Step Paint

Sunday Suppers Milk Paint

Strasbourg White Milk Paint

Antiquing Glaze

Gold Leaf

Light Wax

Dark Wax

How To


Step One: Remove The Paint On The Back Of The Mirror With Furniture Stripper


Step Two: Cover With Plastic Wrap And Let Sit 


Step Three: Remove Plastic Wrap

Paint will begin to peel off. Continue to wipe down with a paper towel until all paint is off. You may need to repeat these steps a few times.


Step Four: Take Mirror Solution And Begin Dabbing on Mirror With A Hit And Drag Motion - No Swiping 


Step Five: Rinse The Mirror With Water 


Step Six: Spray Simple Green Cleaner Over Surface And Gently Wipe Down


Step Seven: Pat Dry


Step Eight: Repeat Steps Four, Five, And Six Until You Get Your Desired Look


Step Nine: Apply A Coat Of One Step Paint (Color of Choice)

She used Black One Step Paint


Step Ten: Mix Selznick Grey, American Dream, And Black One Step Paint

This will be the base coat of the frame



Step Eleven: Paint the Base Coat On The Frame


Step Twelve: Use A Wet Rag To Pull Some Of The Color Away


Step Thirteen: Mix Your Milk Paints


Step Fourteen: Apply Milk Paint On Top Of Frame 


Step Fifteen: Use Antiquing Glaze And Apply To The Top Of The Milk Paint

This will allow the blue to show through 


Step Sixteen: Add Gold Leaf In Random Pieces Throughout 


Step Seventeen: Brush Off Gold Leaf


Step Eighteen: Load Your Brush With Light Wax

Off load, then apply to the frame lightly


Step Nineteen: Repeat Step Eighteen But With Dark Wax


Step Twenty: Take Soft Cloth And Buff Piece Once Piece Is Dry



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