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About Our Products

First, choose your paint

One Step Paint

The easiest and fastest way to cover almost any surface. This chalk-based paint only requires one step to achieve a dreamy, durable coverage and authentic vintage look.

Imagine your favorite pieces or thrift store finds rescued and restored to a beautifully aged finish. In the past, you had to search for years or spend thousands to find a piece with the perfect antique look. With One Step Paint you can achieve the same rich, chalky finish you love without sanding, priming, or stripping. This water-based paint works on virtually any surface, including wood, glass, resin, melamine, Formica, concrete, iron, stone, and even outdoor furniture and décor. Water-based and free of VOCs and other toxins, this paint is even safe for baby furniture and children's rooms.

No stripping, priming, or sanding required.

$8.99, 4oz (approx. 35 sq. ft.)

$22.00, 16oz (approx. 70 sq. ft.)

$36.00, 32oz (approx. 120-140 sq. ft.)

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"I have tried many different brands of "one step" paint and AMY HOWARD is my new favorite! The kit is all I needed and I have so much left over that I'm ready for my next project! I rescued this old tired piece of furniture at an estate sale and now it's fresh and beautiful!"

Kay Lynn B

Beginner Bundle

1,000+ Reviews


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Size: 32oz


Free US Shipping Over $150

Our beginner kit includes everything you need to rescue and restore your furniture, kitchen cabinetry or decor items. Start with cleaning your piece with our Clean Slate. Then paint your piece with our One Step. There is no need to sand, strip, or prime.  We have included our synthetic brush for easy application as well as a foam roller with its beautiful wood handle. Then finish your piece with our Mind Your Own Beeswax for a beautiful sheen and extra protection. 

One Hour Miracle Paint

One Hour Miracle Paint transforms furniture and surfaces with the stroke of a brush. You can apply this rich and highly pigmented paint to almost any surface and achieve a beautiful eggshell finish.

It's never been easier to refinish your kitchen cabinets, floors, front door, or next furniture project than with the One Hour Miracle Paint. No sanding, priming, stripping, or sealing is necessary. This water-based enamel works on virtually any surface, including wood, resin, metal, Formica, concrete, and even outdoor furniture and décor. Do you want to redo your kitchen on a budget? Do you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home by painting your front door? Miracle Paint can even be applied to floors for stunning results and durability. 

No stripping, priming, sanding, or sealing required.

$48.00, 32oz (approx. 120-140 sq. ft.)

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Miracle Paint is home changing

Front Doors


Kitchen Cabinets


"I used this paint for the front door and the stencil/design on the porch and steps. The paint was perfect for this project. It dries fast and the consistency is great. It also seems to withstand the high traffic. Great product!"

Shiloh S

  • "The Miracle Paint was so easy to use on my mailbox. I only needed one coat - no drips or runs, and it went on smoothly. I would definitely use it again!"

    Linda C

  • "Love this paint! Just finished painting the bottom cabinets in our kitchen in Java Miracle Paint!"

    Linda W

  • "I had this old dresser that I was about to toss and decided to paint it and put on new drawer pulls. I'm so glad I did. This paint is very easy to work with and coated perfectly."

    Terrie W

Miracle Paint Bundle

800+ Reviews


Pick Your Color

Size: 32oz


Free US Shipping Over $150

The One Hour Miracle Paint Bundle includes everything you need to instantly refresh your curb appeal by painting your front door, shutters, planters, or even porch floor! Start with cleaning your piece with our Clean Slate. Then paint your piece with our 1 Hour Miracle Paint. There is no need to sand, strip, prime, or seal. We have included our synthetic brush for easy application as well as a foam roller with its beautiful wood handle. Your surface will dry to the touch in 30 minutes to a beautiful and durable eggshell finish.

Toscana Milk Paint

Toscana Milk Paint uses the same 100% natural casein formulation that dates back thousands of years. It gives durable, nontoxic coverage that transforms furniture and cabinetry into beautiful pieces rich with Old World appeal. Pigments are sourced from Italy and the South of France to provide a superior finish, color, and vibrancy when mixed with water.

$8.50, 4oz (approx. 10 sq. ft.)

$25.50, 12oz (approx. 20-30 sq. ft.)

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Milk Paint 101 Workshop

500+ Reviews


Free US Shipping Over $150

Take your finishes to the next level by learning how to use Milk Paint alongside Amy Howard. Whether you want to learn how to flip Facebook Marketplace finds or just spruce up a few of your own pieces, the Milk Paint Workshop is for you!

✔ Learn the history of milk paint

✔ The difference between chalk and milk paint

✔ What surfaces you can use milk paint on

✔ Paint actual samples alongside Amy using 3 different techniques

✔ How to layer your milk paint colors & create depth

Second, choose your finish

The possibilities are endless for what you can create on your furniture, cabinetry, and other decorative surfaces. From metallic shimmer to image transfers and even textured finishes, there is something here for every décor style!

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Mind Your Own Beeswax

This soft, buttery wax gives a cozy, golden warmth to protect and seal with a vintage sheen.

$ 17.00

Cerusing Wax

Durable, vintage protection that adds a white washed weathered look.

$ 17.00

Dark Antique Wax

Use in combination with Light Wax to darken a piece in areas that lend it a natural, worn effect.

$ 17.00

Gold Embellishing Wax

A mix of durable, protective wax and metallic powder that's simply perfect for antiquing.

$ 10.50

Texture & Aging

Dust of Ages

Dust of Ages settles into every crack and crevice to give your vintage finishes those delicate details.

$ 18.00

Cracked Patina

Achieve a lovely cracked finish that once took layers of paint and years and years to develop.

$ 30.50

Embossing Gel

Add raised and detailed texture to your next project. 

$ 19.50

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf fits perfectly into any décor for a pop of antique glamour.

$ 11.50

Third, choose your tools

Successful and professional refinishing begins right here with the right tools! Designed with quality, care, and expertise, the Amy Howard at Home tools of the trade are the professional instruments you need to bring your creative visions to life.

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Clean Slate

The first step you must take before beginning any project.

This special solvent removes dirt, wax, oil, and everything you can’t even see from furniture or surfaces you wish to refinish. While other degreasers will not remove wax, Clean Slate truly cleans the entire surface. Since you are likely very eager to begin working with your surface, Clean Slate is formulated to only require one application before you can start working on your new piece!



Each of these unique paint brushes pair perfectly with one or more of the high performance refinishing products in the Amy Howard at Home line. Our suite of brushes range from microfiber to hog hair and come in just the right shapes to complete a full range of refinishing projects. You are sure to find the perfect brush for waxing, milk paint applications, creating chalky finishes, and more!

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1.5" Round Tapered Brush

$ 17.00

1.5" Nylon Tapered Brush

$ 8.50

Enjoy the Bragging Rights

Look at what our customers have created

  • Leah K

    Custom mix One Step paint, Mind Your Own Beeswax + Gold Mica Powder

  • Chelsea M

    Southern as Pecan Pie One Step paint, Summer Bonfires and Tuscany in the Summer Milk Paint

  • Leah C

    Lady Singing the Blues and A Good Man is Hard to Find One Step paint,

  • Virginia B

    Tick Tock One Step paint

  • Leah K

    Harbor Lights One Step paint, Gold Leaf

  • April M

    Better With Age, Cherbourg One Step paint, Cerusing Wax, Mind Your Own Beeswax

  • Rita N

    Lady Singing the Blues and Nottaway One Step paint

  • Natasha P

    Bauhaus Buff One Step paint, Mind Your Own Beeswax

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