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Brooks Grey Desk With A Custom Glaze

Brooks Grey Desk With A Custom Glaze

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Leah Kendrick, painted this beautiful Brooks Grey Desk. Read along as she explains her process. 

Step 1 - Sand

Leah started by sanding down the top with several grits of sandpaper to bare wood.

Step 2 - Clean Slate

Then she cleaned the body with Clean Slate to prep.

Step 3 - Gel Stain

Next, use 3 light coats of English Walnut Gel Stain applying it with a foam brush. Let dry thoroughly before each coat. 

Step 4 - One Step Paint

Leah then applied 2 coats Brooks Grey One Step Paint with a synthetic brush.

Step 5 - Seal

Then you want to seal the top with 3 coats of Matte Sealer.  Sanding gently with 400 grit sandpaper before doing the final coat. Next, seal the body of desk with two coats of Matte Sealer.

Step 6 - Time For A Custom Glaze

Create a custom Glaze using one part Glazed Over, 1 part Hazel Mahogany Gel Stain and a splash of water. Apply the glaze with an artist brush in sections where there was moulding on body of desk. Let the glaze sit for a few seconds then wipe back with a lint free cloth.  To remove more add some water to cloth. 

Final Step - Let it dry and Enjoy The Bragging Rights!



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