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Whimsical Bookcase Makeover

Whimsical Bookcase Makeover

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Tamara from ENCORE is here to show us how she gave this bookcase a whimsical transformation!

Products Used:

Clean Slate
Cerusing Wax
One Step Tick Tock
Toile Mesh Stencil
Gel Art Ink Hush Your Mouth


Step One

The back of this cute bookcase was barely hanging on, so I removed it. Then I used Clean Slate all over, including the removed back.

Step Two

 I applied 2 even coats of Tick Tock to the inside of the book case.

Step Three

I applied 2 coats of Cerusing Wax to the outside, top and front parts of the bookcase and let that dry. I waited a day to let it set up really good because it's been so hot and humid, then I used a lint free rag to buff the Cerusing Wax so it would harden and have a soft sheen.

Step Four

I wanted to use part of the Toile Mesh Stencil to add a little bit of whimsy. I put a little bit of Gel Art Ink in Hush Your Mouth, which is a really pretty navy. I strategically placed the first stencil to look like a monkey was peeking out from the bottom shelf. All ya do is use the spreader to lay down the ink just on the part of the mesh stencil that you want to do them pull up the stencil. I continued to do this until I had 3 cute monkeys perched precariously on the shelves. Then I attached the back on with staples.

Step Five

 ENJOY THE BRAGGING RIGHTS! Now the hard I sell it or keep it???? 

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