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5 DIY Furniture Finishes To Recreate

5 DIY Furniture Finishes To Recreate

, by Gene Howard, 4 min reading time

With the use of just One-Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home, you can successfully refinish virtually and piece of furniture and decor with ease.

You don’t have to stop there, however...

At Amy Howard Home, we invite you to go even further by creating a variety of finishes using different types of customized waxes which you can use to enhance your pieces with one of our most popular One Step Paint color - Black.

In this tutorial, you'll learn five ways that waxes can help you add magic to pieces painted in Black - One-Step Paint.

Step 1: Prep Your Piece

Start by cleaning your piece with Clean Slate.

Then, paint it with two coats of Black - One-Step Paint.

Divide your piece into 6 sections using tape.

Section 1 will remain plain black and serve as a reference point for the rest of the project.

Step 2: Section 2 - Mind Your Own Beeswax

Use a natural-bristle chip brush for this section.

Load your brush up with Mind Your Own Beeswax, coat it well, and offload on a piece of cardboard.

Apply the wax onto your piece and allow it to dry for 30-45 minutes.

Buff your piece with a lint-free rag.

You can add a layer of Dust of Ages later on and use a lint-free rag to pull it back.

Step 3: Section 3 - Mind Your Own Beeswax + One-Step Paint

Create a custom wax for this section using Mind Your Own Beeswax and Chinese Red - One-Step Paint.

Mix one part paint with two parts wax.

Apply the mixture on your piece via dry brushing.

Once your surface is dry, you can add a layer of Dust of Ages.

Dust off the excess with a lint-free rag and use a 4/0 steel wool to soften your finish.

Buff your piece with a lint-free rag.

Step 4: Section 4 - Cerusing Wax

Repeat the same steps in Section 2 of your piece; this time, with Cerusing Wax.

You can soften your finish using 4/0 steel wool afterward.

Step 5: Section 5 - Light and Dark Wax

Use a Round Hog Hair Paint Brush for this section.

Apply Light Wax using the same steps as in Section 2 and Section 4 of your piece.

Wait for your Light Wax to dry and then apply a layer of Dark Wax next.

It’s important to note that Light Wax can be used on its own but Dark Wax must be used AFTER Light Wax has been applied and dried.

You may apply a layer of Dust of Ages too if you like.

Step 6: Section 6 - Embellishing Waxes

You can add glitz to your piece by using a metallic Gold Embellishing Wax or Silver Embellishing Wax.

Use a natural-bristle chip brush and the dry brushing technique in applying them.

Let your wax dry and buff your piece with a lint-free rag. You can also use a 4/0 steel wool to pull the finish back.

As with the other sections, you may also add a layer of Dust of Ages on top of your chosen Embellishing Wax.

Some Reminders:

Always offload your brush before applying any type of wax on your furniture.

Avoid using too much wax and going too heavy in its application.

Wait for a layer of wax to dry before applying another product.

If you want to add more detail, such as gilding, to your piece, you have to do so BEFORE applying waxes.

The only product you should be applying on top of your waxes is Dust of Ages.

Start exploring and creating custom finishes with these products:

Clean Slate

Black - One-Step Paint

Mind Your Own Beeswax

Chinese Red - One-Step Paint

Cerusing Wax

Light Wax

Dark Wax

Gold Embellishing Wax - 1 oz.

Silver Embellishing Wax - 1 oz.

Dust of Ages

1.5" Flat Paint Chip Brush

2.0" Round Hog Hair Paint Brush

Other Products Mentioned in the Video:

Paint Brushes

One-Step Paint

Bauhaus Buff - One-Step Paint

French Blue - One-Step Paint

Luxe Grey - One-Step Paint

Copper Embellishing Wax - 1 oz.

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