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Create Custom Art Pieces With Me Using Milk Paint And Venetian Plaster

Create Custom Art Pieces With Me Using Milk Paint And Venetian Plaster

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Let me show you how to make your own custom art pieces! Have fun with this. There is so much you can get creative with. 

This Is What You'll Need:

Milk Paint (I used Wisteria, As All Get Out, and Summer Bonfire)

Venetian Plaster

Mica Powders (I used Gold)

ChalkArt (I used Love Is, Metallic Gold, and Shindig)

Shop Paris Stencil

Follow These Steps

Step 1: Mix Your Venetian Plaster

Mix one part Venetian Plaster and one part water - you are looking for the consistency of sour cream. 

Step 2: Apply Your Plaster To Your Surface

You are going to apply the plaster to the outside of your trowel. It is best to use a metal putty knife since the plaster is live! Spread the plaster around your surface to where you get a good coverage. You want to do a semi-circle motion, not straight across. After you reach full coverage, set aside your plater and let it come to "tack".

Step 3: Apply Your Milk Paint

Once your plaster has come to tack - you will need a clean trowel and the milk paint colors you are using. Mix up some milk paint and water - you want to use more water than you would typically use with milk paint, because we are not using it as paint today! 

Take the bottom part of your trowel and apply the milk paint. See photos below! Your plaster MUST still be wet to do this. 

Flip your trowel over and start at the edge of your surface.

Drag your trowel along your surface. Repeat this process along your surface. You can go over different areas twice. 

This is where YOUR creativity comes in! Want to stop here? That's totally fine! Or you can keep going...see what I do next!

Step 4: Continue The Creativity

Take some Gold Mica Powder and sprinkle it on your surface.

With a clean trowel, carefully pull the gold flecks into your art. Be sure your milk paint is fairly dry for this part. 

Take your next color of milk paint, I'm going to use Summer Bonfire. 

Splatter some blue milk paint back on if you'd like - have fun with it!

Next I took my plaster again and filled in some areas. I did this to add layers!

The final step: add decorative pieces!

I used my Paris Mesh Stencil and ChalkArt to add decorative pieces. Lay the stencil down and stencil on your chosen design with ChalkArt. I used colors that would complement my art like red and metallic gold. 

There is no need to seal this piece since it is art!

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