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Create Gorgeous, Unique Stone-Like Finishes With Gold Leaf & Gel Stain

Create Gorgeous, Unique Stone-Like Finishes With Gold Leaf & Gel Stain

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Create this gorgeous stone-like finish with just a few simple techniques and one of the best tools on the eraser! Watch me create this and then try it yourself.

This finish would look great on insets, tops of tables, and more. Shop the products I used below... 

Shop Gold Leaf & Gilding Size

Shop Gel Stain (I used Auburn Mahogany)

Shop Bright Idea Lacquer

Follow Along With Me

Step 1: Apply your gilding size

Apply the size all over your surface. Allow it to dry 8-10 minutes so that the size comes to tack. 

Step 2: Lay down your leaf

After your size has come to tack, lay your gold leaf down on top of it. As you lay the sheets of gold leaf down you want to burnish the leaf. Pressing down on it and making sure it's sticking to the size. You want to be sure to overlap your leaf, not butt them up against each other. The more you burnish each piece, the prettier it will be!

Step 3: Brush Away

Take a chip brush and brush in the direction the gold leaf is going. You want to brush and leave any rolled up edges - that is very desirable. The goal is to get excess leaf off.

Step 4: Gel Stain

Take our Gel Stain - we used Auburn Mahogany and cover your piece 100% in the gel stain. You do want it to be fairly thick.

Step 5: Create Your Tool With An Eraser!

Take a Magic Rub Eraser and an Exacto or pairing knife. Take the knife and start cutting into the eraser at an angle. You will want to cut different designs into different edges of the eraser so you can create various looks.

Step 6: Use Your Tool

Take your tool and start laying it across the Gel Stain at a 45 degree angle. You may want to squiggle it along just a bit to create the cool ripple effect. Clean your eraser after each pass and then change the side of your eraser to get different looks!

Finish It Off

After your design has dried, seal it with a layer of Bright Idea Lacquer. Then take your Gel Stain and make a glaze of one part gel stain and one part water. Apply that all over your design, then pat it away. Seal that with another layer of Bright Idea Lacquer and you will be enjoying the bragging rights!



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