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Creating a Limestone Concrete Look With One Step Paint

Creating a Limestone Concrete Look With One Step Paint

, by Gene Howard, 4 min reading time

I've been reading through the Before + After Facebook Page, and I've noticed people asking for a tutorial on how to do a limestone concrete finish. There are so many different ways to use this finish. Today, I will be taking you through the process of how to do it yourself...

Shop What I Used

One Step Paint:

Glazed Over

Dark Wax

Dust of Ages

Additional Supplies:

Sand Paper

Chip Brushes

How To...


Step 1: Mix Three Part Bauhaus Buff With Two Part All-Purposed Sand

This will be your base coat

Step 2: Use A Chip Brush To Apply Directly To Your Piece

After applying evenly, allow piece to dry. Allow an hour and a half to dry. You can use a hair dryer to speed up drying process.

Step 3: Take 220 Sand Paper To Sand Down Rough Areas

Step 4: Mix One Part Serengeti Gray, One Part Glazed Over, And One Part Water

This will give you a glaze. Use a dry chip brush, and cover your piece. Use a lint-free rag and dab on the wet glaze. Dry piece again with hair dryer.

Step 5: Add A Shadowing Glaze

I made this glaze using the same steps as step 4, but this time I used Selznick Grey One Step Paint. Instead of covering entire surface, I used this glaze for a shadowing effect. Add your glaze and dry again.

Step 6: Use Dark Wax To Add Depth

Load Dark Wax onto chip brush and offload the brush. Use the chip brush and spread the Dark Wax on the edges of your piece. 

Step 7: Add Dust Of Ages On Top Of Piece

Wipe Off With Lint-Free Rag and Enjoy The Bragging Rights!!




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