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DIY Cracked & Grody Furniture Finish Using Cracked Patina

DIY Cracked & Grody Furniture Finish Using Cracked Patina

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Follow along today as Amy teaches you how to achieve this cracked and grody furniture finish. It's perfect for consoles, nightstands, and all textured pieces. You'll have so much fun Getting This Look!

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English Walnut Gel Stain

Cracked Patina

One Step Paint (Bauhaus Buff, Atelier, Good Man Is Hard To Find)

Light Wax

Dark Wax

Dust of Ages

Start With Stain

If you already have a stained piece, just clean it with Clean Slate. Amy used English Walnut Gel Stain and applied it with a rag. Allow to dry one hour.

Apply Cracked Patina

If you apply this on thick - your cracks will be thicker. If you apply it thinly then you will have thin cracks. Add a little water to your Cracked Patina to thin it up for this finish. Apply with a sponge or chip brush. Be sure to fully cover the carvings of your piece and you don't have any holidays. It's going to be shiny - this is how you know you have it everywhere. Let it dry for one hour.

Time To Paint

We are using Bauhaus Buff today and applying it with a Chip Brush. You want to work fairly quickly here because when you start painting the Cracked Patina will start to activate. Always start in the top left corner and down as quickly as you can. The first color will take off the most. You will see the paint start to crack.

Using Your Hands

Time to use your hands for this finish! Start with pressing your fingers into the paint and removing some of the paint. You want to be very strategic with your placement and that you are taking off the most this first time. Be careful to not make your hands a positive tool, you will want to occasionally wipe them. Lightly sand once dried with 220 grit. 

Second Coat Of Cracked Patina

Apply a second coat of Cracked Patina. 

Apply Your Second Paint Color & Lift

We used Atelier for our second color. Apply it starting at the top and working your way across fairly quickly. Let the paint dry and come to tack. You will see the sheen go away and know it's time to lift! Make sure your hands are completely dry and then start lifting the paint. Lightly sand once dried.

One Last Layer!

Add another layer of Cracked Patina and let it dry about 45 mins to an hour. Apply a coat of Good Man Is Hard To Find One Step quickly to your piece. Let it come to tack. Let this dry completely and then sand! You want your finish to feel as good as it looks.

Time To Seal

You want to seal with Light Wax, Dark Wax, and Dust of Ages. Load up your Chip Brush with Light Wax, offload, and apply all over the piece making sure you get in the crevices too. Apply some Dark Wax around the edges and a little on the piece. Allow this to come to tack and it's time for Dust of Ages. Your wax will be cool to the touch when it's ready and not greasy. Pounce your Dust of Ages on to the piece. Then take a lint free rag and buff your piece with the dust.







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