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DIY Painted Glass Using Lacquer

DIY Painted Glass Using Lacquer

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Watch and follow the tutorial below to create a gorgeous finish on glass. This is perfect for backsplashes, glass tabletops, light fixtures, and more. 

What You'll Need:

Lacquer Of Your Choice

Mica Powders

Glazed Over

Spray Bottle With Adjustable Nozzle


How To:

Step 1: Spray Your Water

Take your spray bottle with the adjustable nozzle and face it up and away from your piece of glass. Pull your trigger so that the water goes up into the air and lands on your piece of glass. Move the bottle around using various pressures as you squeeze the trigger and create droplets. 

Step 2: Lacquer Time

Shake your Lacquer for 2-3 minutes and then work in horizontal passes over your droplets. Turn your piece and do another pass horizontally over the piece. 

Step 3: Pat with a lint-free rag

Using a lint-free rag or non-textured paper towel pat your glass to create open areas from the droplets. 

Step 4: Mixing your Mica Powder

Mix the Mica Powder color of your choice with Glazed Over. You want the consistency to be similar to paint. Using a sponge brush, paint the Mica Powder mixture over the open areas. Then fill in the whole piece with the Mica Powder mixture. 

Step 5: Seal The Back

After your Mica Powder mixture dries, seal the back with another coat of Lacquer.

Enjoy The Bragging Rights!


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