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Elevate Your Interiors With Black Lacquered Doors

Elevate Your Interiors With Black Lacquered Doors

, by Danielle Knip, 2 min reading time

 When Amy and Gene visited New Orleans, they discovered stunning brass hardware at The Bank. Amy immediately envisioned using it to enhance the doors in her home with a high-gloss black lacquer finish. Her master bathroom features a new-build monochromatic color scheme, and by painting the doors black, adding a chinoiserie mural, and incorporating an antique chandelier, she aims to create a custom European aesthetic. Gene will guide you through the process of painting your doors using Amy Howard At Home's LuxeLacquer. While there are various methods to achieve a professional finish, including removing the doors and spraying them, Gene demonstrates an effective technique by leaving the door on its hinges and applying LuxeLacquer with a roller. This approach not only elevates the elegance of your interiors but also ensures a sleek, sophisticated look.

Amy Howard Home Products:


Other Supplies:

  • Microfiber Roller



Step 1: Brushing

Start by brushing on your first coat of LuxeLacquer on the trim of the panel. Ensure you apply a thin coat, avoiding heavy application. This process will require two to three coats, not just one.

Step 2: Rolling

Use a 4-inch microfiber roller to apply the paint to the center panel of the door. Then, use a smaller roller to paint the outer parts of the door.


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