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Get this Look - New Orleans Grunge

Get this Look - New Orleans Grunge

, by Danielle Knip, 3 min reading time

Discover the art of creating grungy and chippy finishes with our latest tutorial, inspired by Amy's recent trip to New Orleans. Amy guides you through the step-by-step process of using Caproni Plaster Wrap to achieve a stunning textured look. Enhance your projects with our new Eco Powder product, perfect for making intricate embellishments with our decorative molds. Whether you're transforming furniture or crafting unique art pieces, this tutorial will help you create breathtaking appliques and a distinctive New Orleans-inspired finish. Dive into this transformative DIY project and bring the soulful vibe of New Orleans into your home decor.

Amy Howard Home Products:

Other Supplies:

  • Lint-Free Rag

Step 1: Prepare Caproni Wrap

Cut and size the Caproni Plaster Wrap to fit your surface. For drawers, remove the drawer and wrap it slightly underneath.

Step 2: Adhere Caproni Wrap

Dip a chip brush in water and apply it to the Caproni Wrap to adhere it to your surface. Smooth it out with your fingers.

Step 3: Apply One Step Paint

Paint one coat of One Step Paint in the color 'Italian Silver'.

Step 4: Apply Milk Paint

Mix three parts water with one part Toscana Milk Paint in the color Central Park to create a thin consistency. Apply an uneven coat with a chip brush. While the paint is still wet, dab some off with a bundled lint-free rag to add texture. Add more milk paint pigment to the mixture to darken it, apply another uneven coat, and dab it again with the rag.


Step 5: Final Touches

Once dry, lightly sand the surface to bring out the texture.

Applying Embellishments

Step 6: Prepare Eco Powder

Mix four parts Eco Powder with one part water in a silicone measuring cup. Mix well. Optional: Tint the Eco Powder with 3-4 drops of Alcohol Ink.

    Step 7: Pour Into Molds

    Pour the Eco Powder mixture into your decorative mold. Use a pipette for smaller areas. Work quickly as it dries fast. Scrape the surface with a wooden stir stick to ensure an even backing. Allow to dry for about an hour.

    Step 8: Decorate Molds

    Remove the embellishments from the mold. You can paint, apply Alcohol Ink, or gild them. Amy used Metallic Gold Alcohol Ink for decoration.

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