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How To: Create Emerald Green Marble With Paint!

How To: Create Emerald Green Marble With Paint!

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

This is a beautiful finish to learn and dissect. Create this gorgeous emerald marble look on a fireplace, countertops and more...


Products Needed 

Easy Street One Step Paint

Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint

Black One Step Paint

Glazed Over

Bright Idea or Matte Sealer


Other Items Needed

Paint Roller

Sea Sponge

Sponge Brush

Heavy Duty Garbage Bag

Turkey Feather


How To....

Step 1: Use a paint roller to apply Easy Street One Step Paint. Apply two thin coats and let it dry.

Step 2: Create Your Glaze

Take Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint, Glazed Over, and Water. Mix one third of Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint, one third Glazed Over, and one third water. This will be your scumble, the scumble is the white area in the marble that makes it look like stone!

Step 3: Apply Your Scumble

Take a sea sponge - dip it in water, rinse it out, then dip it in your glaze. Start applying your glaze in a hit drag motion creating organic patterns all over your surface. Constantly move your sponge around and leave open areas - no snakey patterns! Take a lint-free rag and spread your glaze on the outside of your patterns. Keep repeating this small section by small section - working from upper left to lower right. 

Step 4: Make and Apply Your Black Glaze

Take Black One Step Paint, Glazed Over, and Water - use one part of each to create a glaze. Using a sponge brush - completely cover your surface. Apply it organically in X motions, not in lines. Work quickly so it doesn't dry!

Next, use a very fancy tool - a garbage bag! Pounce the garbage bag all over your surface and watch how your finish transforms. Be sure to use different areas of the garbage bag so that it remains a negative tool and not a positive tool. Let it dry!

Step 5: White Veining

Take your Scumble Glaze and cut it in half then add 2-3 parts water. We want a very thin glaze for our veining. Take your turkey feather and load it up with your glaze, be sure to offload. Start in the upper left working towards your lower right. 

Lay the turkey feather down, move it up, and work it so that you are only using the tip now. 

Continue, moving your feather, picking it up, and moving it down. Create various organic patterns with the feather. Move your wrist more than anything else.

Be sure to add in a vein going in the opposite way. This will add to your composition. Pat some of your veins with a lint-free rag so they are lighter. Let it dry!

Step 5: Over glaze

Take your Black Glaze and thin it out with water. You want to add another part of water. Completely cover your surface, then take a lint-free rag, make a pad with it, and pat your glaze. This sets your veins back so they are not too stark. 

Step 6: Seal

It's your choice on how you want to seal your marble. We recommend Bright Idea Lacquer for a high sheen finish - use about three coats. For a completely Matte finish, use our Matte Sealer. 

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