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How To: Use Furniture Stencils

How To: Use Furniture Stencils

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Add beautiful detail to your furniture with our NEW Furniture Stencils! Watch as Amy takes Venetian Plaster and One Step Paint to create a beautiful raised look.  Shop the products Amy used and follow along below...

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Follow These Steps...

Starting with a painted piece, follow these steps to create a gorgeous stenciled, raised design. 

1. Start by mixing your Venetian Plaster and One Step Paint. Take your Venetian Plaster and add it to a bowl, add tap water to the bowl to create a mixture that's easily stirred but not too thin. 

2. Next add 2 parts Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint and 4 parts Manor Gate One Step Paint. You can make any color you want using this process! Be sure to store this mixture in an airtight container, this mixture will be good for years stored in your DIY pantry. No need to refrigerate this mixture. 

3. Position your stencil with masking tape to hold it in place.

4. Take your spreader and start working your plaster mixture onto your stencil. Do one pass working down then do another pass working from left to right - this way you won't have any holidays.

5. Remove your tape and carefully life up your stencil. Let your design dry for 45 minutes. 

6. Take your Light Wax and round brush, apply the wax to your design to add depth and protection. 

7. Take your Dark Wax, offload it, and feather it around the edges of your piece and the edges of the design. This will help bring out the outline and depth of the design. 


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