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Step By Step: Antique Your Painted Piece

Step By Step: Antique Your Painted Piece

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Gene is here today to show you how to antique a painted piece today! He used our Color Crush this week, Luxe Grey, on this piece. Watch as he takes you step by step through the antiquing process!

Shop the products used:

Luxe Grey One Step Paint

Light Wax

Dark Wax

Dust of Ages


Follow Along...

1. Clean your piece with Clean Slate, let it dry for 20 minutes.

2. Choose your color of One Step Paint and paint your piece. Apply thin coats of the paint for full coverage. Gene is using our Color Crush, Luxe Grey One Step Paint.

3. Take your Chip Brush and Light Wax, load up your brush and offload it onto cardboard. Apply the wax in various directions to avoid brushmarks. Once you have a full, even coat buff the piece with a lint-free rag. You don't want your piece to feel greasy. 

4. Take a new Chip Brush and your Dark Wax, load up your brush and offload. It's time to embellish! Start feathering the Dark Wax around the edges of your piece. Organically work the wax around the piece, softening with your lint-free rag. 

5. The next step in our aging process is using Dust of Ages! Using your Hog Hair brush, pat in the Dust of Ages around your piece. Buff your piece with a lint-free rag, staying away from places you want the aging to be intense. 

6. Let your piece dry! The longer the better, 45 minutes - 2/3 hours is ideal. After letting it dry, you can go in and add a little more Dark Wax to various areas for an organic look. 


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