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Upgrade Your Old Mirror Frame

Upgrade Your Old Mirror Frame

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Ready to give your mirror or frame a new look? Follow this tutorial by Mary Corrado Interiors to give your mirror a whole new look. Mary Used our Frankly Scarlet, a bright red, to give this mirror a whole new look! Watch as she transforms this frame with our Antique Waxes, Dust Of Ages, and more! You can shop what she used below. 

Shop The Products She Used:  

Clean Slate

Frankly Scarlet One Step Paint

Gilding Size

Gold Leaf

Chip Brush

Light Wax

Dark Wax

Dust Of Ages

Additional Products:

Steel Wool

Lent-Free Rag


How To

Step One: Clean Area With Clean Slate

Step Two: Use Frankly Scarlet One Step Paint And Paint Edges

Step Three: Use Small Artist Brush To Apply Gilding Size

Apply Gilding Size on top of Frankly Scarlet One Step Paint. Gilding Size will go on white but dry clear.

Step Four: Allow Gilding To Dry

Step Five: Apply Gold Leaf On Top Of One Step Paint And Gilding

Step Six: Use A Clean Chip Brush To Pounce And Brush Gold Leaf

This will remove the excess Gold Leaf.

Step Seven: Use Steel Wool And Gently Go Over Gild

This will help the red to show through and take down the sheen.

Step Eight: Load Up Brush With Light Wax And Offload On To Cardboard

Step Nine: Lightly Apply To Area

Let surface dry.

Step Ten: Repeat Steps Eight And Nine With Dark Wax

Step Eleven: Apply Dust Of Ages 

Step Twelve: Use A Lent-Free Rag To Buff The Area


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